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A Collector is a technological device and a power source.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Collectors are energy-gathering devices designed to generate storable power from the electromagnetic emissions of a star.

Collector Observations[edit]

  • "...the canopy is ...a skeleton framework and a circular thin black radiation-absorbent film about one kilometer in diameter." [1]
  • "A stellar collector absorbs and collects energy for internal power and jump drives." [2]
  • "The canopy collects radiated stellar power and stores it in the accumulators on the drive deck. The only way to extend the canopy is with the controls on the drive deck or the control panel in the observation dome. It cannot be controlled from the bridge. [3]
  • The accumulators can store enough energy to power each jump drive once, as well as maintain internal life support under normal conditions.
  • Duration of internal power: 60 days under ordinary load. [4]
  • Required recharge time: One to six weeks, depending on the distance from, and spectral type of the star serving as the radiation source." [5]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Collectors of various types become available much earlier than the TL-14 mark at which point they become commercially viable and competitive in terms of performance with other power sources available to starships and other technological devices.

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