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The Hydrosphere represents (Hydrographics) or the liquid content of a world, usually water on a conventional life-supporting world (planet).

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Some worlds with vacuum atmospheres may have hydrographic percentages greater than 0 indicating that the world has ice caps present; the water will not be freestanding liquid. A Desert World may have up to 4% free-standing water and still be considered a Desert World. Conversely, a Water World may have a 95% hydrosphere and still be considered a Water World.

Hydrographic Codes
Code Description  % Surface Water Remarks
0 Desert World 0 - 4 None
1 Dry World 5 - 14 None
2 Dry World 15 - 24 None
3 Wet World 25 - 34 None
4 Wet World 35 - 44 None
5 Wet World 45 - 54 None
6 Wet World 55 - 64 None
7 Wet World 65 - 74 None
8 Wet World 75 - 84 None
9 Wet World 85 - 94 None
A Water World 95 - 100 None

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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