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The Universal World Profile (UWP) is a set of codes describing the the qualities and characteristics of a world.

Please see the following AAB articles for more information:

Description / Specifications[edit]

UWP Typical Format
Name Hex Physical Stats Base Code Trade Classifications Extended Stats Allegiance Code
Roup 0407 C77A9A9-6 S Hi In Wa A323 Im

Thus the planet Roup is located in hex 0407 in the sector, it has physical stats of C77A9A9-6, a base code of S(cout) and has trade classification of "Hi In Wa", the extended data is A323, and has allegiance to the Im(perium).

The extended stats include:

Basic UWP Stats[edit]

Physical Stats:

SAH Sequence:

PGL Sequence:


UWP Format Dictionary
# Category Explanation Remarks
1. Starport A Starport is an establishment for the landing, servicing, refueling, launching, and control of starships.
  • Starports range in quality from A (the best and most extensive) to E (the worst, little more than a spot of cleared ground), and X.
  • A secondary set of spaceport ratings includes F, G, H, and Y.
Stand-alone qualifier.
2. Size Worlds are classified according to their physical size (Planetary Size).
  • Only Mainworlds (worlds or planets) of interest are recorded.
  • Planetary size and density are the two strongest indicators of surface gravity parameters.
  • e.g. Gas Giants are simply classified as Small (SGG) or Large (LGG).
Part of SAH sequence.
3. Atmosphere The Atmosphere code is a UWP code to represent the breathing environment encountered on the world.
  • It represents the mixture of gases and other elements that may be present on a world (planet).
  • Atmosphere greatly affects the habitability of a world.
Part of SAH sequence.
4. Hydrographics The Hydrosphere represents (Hydrographics) or the liquid content of a world, usually water on a conventional life-supporting world (planet). Part of SAH sequence.
5. Population The Population UWP code is an indicator of the world's population of Sophonts.
  • This figure represents the exponent (number of zeros) which follow the first population digit (this digit is outlined in the extended data).
  • High Population worlds are generally shown in all caps (e.g. ROUP) on sector/subsector maps.
Part of PGL sequence.
6. Government Government is the method by which a subplanetary (...smaller than a world), planetary (world), or interstellar (multi-system) state or community, leads (governs) itself.
  • Standard UWP codes exist to explain most of the most common government types.
  • The study of governments, governance, and other related subjects is known as political science, a type of social science.
Part of PGL sequence.
7. Law level Law Level is an indication of the relative oppressiveness of the world (planet) of whom the law serves more: the inhabitants (...and visitors) [distributed power] or the government and politicians of a planet (...or polity) [centralized power].
  • The more centralized or autocratic a government (polity) is, the more likely the higher laws codes will be more oppressive.
  • The less centralized or more distributed a government (polity) is, the more likely the lower laws codes will be more democratic.
Part of PGL sequence.
8. Tech level Technology Level or Tech Level, commonly abbreviated TL, is a measure of technological capability. Stand-alone qualifier.

Extended Stats[edit]

Gas Giants[edit]

UWP System Format Non-Mainworld
Code Expanded Remarks
LGG Large Gas Giant Not for mainworlds.
SGG Small Gas Giant Not for mainworlds.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Systems information is also available as full astrographic charts (holocrystal), or the summarized Extended System Profile which does not have projected orbital postions, navigational and approach codes and frequencies.

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