Wasinki class Corvette

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Wasinki class Corvette
Type: EC Corvette
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Cargo 3 Tons
Cost MCr241.308
Qty: MCr 193.046
Crew 8
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Hardpoints 2
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Jump J-2
Maneuver 4 G
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Origin Second Imperium
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 200 Tons
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Tech Level TL–11
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An ancient design common near the end of the Rule of Man. Using a streamlined, lightly armored saucer configuration 200 ton hull, the Rule of Man Corvette is a typical small warship used on patrol, military, and anti-corsair missions. This lot of hulls were purchased in bulk from a bankrupt Vilani shipbuilder whose plans for merchant vessels were cancelled. The military re-purposed the hulls into a minor combatant. It mounts jump 2 drives and 4 G maneuver drives. Fuel tankage for 52 ton supports the power plant and allows one jump-2. Adjacent to the bridge is a model/5 fib computer. There are four staterooms with double occupancy. There are a pair of forward mounted, double plasma gun turrets. Each plasma gun fires as its own battery to allow four targets to be engaged at the same time. The limitation is that they are only suitable for point defense work versus fighters or missiles and at short range combat There is a small custom 12 ton life boat, which was usually fitted with a triple missile battery. Smarter commanders would launch this "lifeboat" and use its missiles as some form of long range fire.

Low ranking officers would often draw this as their first command. It is a very limited warship. There are no ship's troops or marines for boarding or customs inspections. The cargo capacity is 3 tons. The corvette requires a crew of eight.

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Military Vessel - Escort - Close Escort:

  1. Type EC class Close Escort
    1. Athune class Close Escort
    2. Breaker class Corvette
    3. Bunker class Close Escort
    4. Convoyer class Close Escort
    5. Cozzi class Corvette
    6. Durt class Escort Corvette
    7. Egek'aa class Corvette
    8. Emerald class Escort Corvette
    9. Eradicator class Escort Corvette
    10. Esqua class Escort Corvette
    11. Gazelle class Close Escort
    12. Gem class Close Escort
    13. Grisha class Corvette
    14. Hatchet class Light Corvette
    15. Hopkins class Escort Corvette
    16. Javelin class Escort Corvette
    17. Jimenez class Escort Corvette
    18. KE8 Blockade class Lancer
    19. KE9 Unleashed class Escort Corvette
    20. Kotaka class Escort Corvette
    21. Lancer class Corvette
    22. Malcolm class Corvette
    23. Mongoose class Close Escort
    24. Patrol class Close Escort
    25. Qatan class Escort Corvette
    26. Risa class Close Escort
    27. Shalis class Patrol Corvette
    28. Sieno class Close Escort
    29. Sii'kha class Escort Corvette
    30. Stalwart class Corvette
    31. Sultanhisar class Escort Corvette
    32. TC9 Forgald class Escort Corvette
    33. Toad SR7T class Yacht / Warsloop
    34. Type CE class Close Escort
    35. Type EC class Corvette
    36. Vaward class Close Escort
    37. Wasinki class Corvette
    38. Wyvern class Escort Corvette
    39. Xebec class Explorer
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