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Contacting Aramis via Wiki[edit]

Don't use the wiki talk to contact Aramis regarding COTI - Aramis only rarely logs into the wiki. Use the COTI Contact Us button or email the Contact Us email (remove spaces)coti cu 2013 @ travellerrpg. com (/remove spaces)

Sir William Hostman

  • SEH w/Diamonds for Extreme Heroism - Battle of Boughene
  • MCG - Battle of Boughene

Traveller Editions[edit]

Owned in dead tree[edit]

  • Deluxe Traveller (CT 2e)
  • The Traveller Book (CT 2.1e)
  • MegaTraveller
  • Traveller: The New Era
  • T4: Marc Miller's Traveller
  • T20
  • GURPS Traveller
  • Mongoose Traveller

PDF only[edit]

  • Traveller For Hero
  • CT 1e
  • CT 2.2e

I've Run the OTU using[edit]

  • Traveller: CT 2.x, MT, TNE, T4, T20, MGT
  • GURPS (before GT came out)
  • EABA
  • Vampire: The Masquerade

Significant Dates in Gaming[edit]

  • Gamer since 1979
  • RPG Gamer since 1981
  • Traveller player since 1983
  • Traveller GM since 1984
  • Traveller Moderator since 2006 or so
  • COTI Admin since late 2012

Credits in Traveller Products[edit]

  • T20 Core Rulebook: Lead Playtester
  • Mongoose Traveller Core Rulebook: Special Thanks, Playtester

Credits in Non-Traveller products[edit]

  • EABA 1.0/1.1: Playtester
  • Babylon-5 Wars: "Foreign Playtester" (idjots didn't realize Alaska was in the USA)
  • Broken Starship: Missing Manifest: Designer, Illustrator

Non-credited playtest[edit]

  • two unpublished adventures for Arrowflight
  • Warhammer FRP 2E (Ejected from playtest for submitting rules-related reports critical of certain mechanics.)
  • Some participation in the 2320 playtest
  • Participation in the as yet unreleased SFU game, Merchants of the Federation.
  • Several SFB ship playtests