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A Ungulatoid is the typoid classification of creatures exhibiting characteristics similar to Terran animals that have hooves.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

An ungalatoid is distinguished by a number of characteristics:

  • The shape their feet and manner of mobility.
  • They are related to Bovinoid and Equinoid.

Image Repository[edit]

Ungulatoid-T5-Alagoric 06-Sept-2019a.jpg

Specific Species Examples[edit]

Charted Space knows quite a number of Ungulatoid species, but very few sophontic ones:

Selected Ungulatoid Species
Specie/s Sophonce Remarks
Mwoah Sophont The Mwoah are from Uncharted Space and are best known from a shipwrecked colony ship resulting from a misjump.

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