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A Skiapodoid is the typoid classification of creatures exhibiting characteristics of skiapods, the one-legged beings from Terran mythology. It may also be referred to as a monopod or a uniped.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Skiapods were believed to have a human head, arms and torso, but only a single leg and foot. They are distinguished by a number of characteristics:

  • They are, by definition, possessed of only one pedal, locomotary limb.
  • Many possess a combined torso limb such as a gastropod, the Terran snail or slug.

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Specific Species Exemplars[edit]

Notable Skiapodoid Species: Charted Space knows relatively few Skiapodoid species:

Selected Skiapodoid Species Exemplars
Specie/s Sophonce Remarks
Acara Sophont No information yet available.

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