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A Phytoid, or plantoid, is the typoid classification of creatures exhibiting characteristics similar to general plant life, fungus, or Terran phyto-plankton.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A phytoid creature is distinguished by a number of characteristics:

  • Plant characteristics
  • Fungus characteristics
  • Photosynthesis & primary producer
  • Motile or static plants
  • Has leaves or other vegetation
  • A related term is Zoophytoid.

Specific Species Examples[edit]

  1. Ahetaowa
  2. Hresh, native to Shashwas, a secondary world in the Dingir system.
  3. Llellewyloly
  4. Loon
  5. Treasil
  6. Tredhili
  7. Vapethi
  8. Xapoqi
  9. Yslai

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