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A Cephalopodoid is the typoid classification of creatures exhibiting characteristics similar to Terran cephalopods, Octopuses, and related aquatic creatures.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Octopuses, squids, and nautiluses are the best known members of this species on Terra. Squid and octopi have internal shells, while that of the nautilus is external. An overlapping term is Molluscoid

A Cephalopodoid is distinguished by a number of characteristics:

  • It is poikilothermic (its internal temperature matches its surroundings).
  • It is made up of a body, a head and a foot.
  • It has a ring of arms or tentacles, formed from the foot, that surrounds the head.
  • It has a shell, either internal or external.
  • It has a chitinous or bony beak.
  • They are more likely to be radially symmetrical.
  • They are aquatic swimmers or divers.

Image Repository[edit]

Cephalopodoid-T5-Alagoric 06-Sept-2019a.jpg

Specific Species Examples[edit]

Charted Space knows a number of Cephalopodoid species:

Selected Cephalopodoid Species
Specie/s Sophonce Remarks
Agryxani Sophont No information yet available.
Githiaskio Sophont
Gurungan Sophont
Namri Sophont
Traypih Sophont
Tobai Sophont
Ursty Sophont

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