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Kraan/Drexilthar (Reaver's Deep 1828)
Classic Era (1115)
StarportC Routine: No Construction, Major Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size5 Medium (8,000 km, 0.40g - 0.57g)
Atmosphere0 Vacuum
Hydrographics1 Dry World 10%
Population4 Moderate (20 thousand)
Government5 Feudal Technocracy
Law6 Moderate Law (no firearms except shotguns)
Tech Level8 Pre-Stellar (superconductors)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary M3 V
Planetoid Belts 2
Gas Giants 3

Kraan is an icy, nonindustrial vacuum world, warranting hazardous environment precautions.

  • This world contains a xeno-archaeological site with suspected high-tech remnants of the now-vanished Iltharan precursor race.

Description / Astrography & Planetology[edit]

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Monostellar System[edit]

Kraan Monostellar System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

M3 V

Primary Main Sequence 0.3942 2300 - 3100 0.02
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00404 0.01179 0.11 - 0.18 0.404 4.04
Orbit #  *  * 0 1 6

System Data[edit]

Primary: Trinary star system composed of close double (spectral classes A7III and F5V) and far companion (spectral class K0V). Double A, Achwan, spectral class A7III. ICN S4K0208A7III. Mass 8.6 standard. Stellar diameter 4.66 standard. Luminosity 166 standard. Double B, Lagirr (orbit #2), spectral class F5V. ICN S4K0208F5V, Mass 1.3 standard. Stellar diameter 1.4 standard. Luminosity, 2.9 standard. Far companion, Akeen (orbit #16) spectral class K0V. ICN S4K0208K0V. Mass 0.81 standard. Stellar diameter 0.76 standard. Luminosity 0.42 standard. (Has no planets, and is of negligible interest).

Planetary System: Ten major bodies. One Inhabited world (Kraan, IX). Three gas giants, two planetoid belts in system.

Mainworld Data[edit]

IX Kraan: Mean orbital radius, 15,013.86 million kilometers (100.36 AU). Period, 319.54 years ... No satellites ... Diameter, 8,594 kilometers. Density, 1.09. Mass, 0.266 standard. Mean surface gravity, 0.68 G. Rotation period: 16 hours, 48 minutes, 19 seconds. Axial inclination, 4°14'18.2". Albedo, .22 ... Orbital eccentricity, .25 ... Surface atmospheric pressure, 0.001atm; composition – near vacuum conditions with traces of methane-ammonia in planetary 'summer' (periastron). Hydrographic percentage, 16%, composition, frozen water and ammonia ice. Mean periastron temperature, -155.7°C. Mean apastron temperature, -182.3°C.

Mainworld Geography & Topography[edit]

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Mainworld Map[edit]

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Native Lifeforms[edit]

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History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Remarks: Circling at a staggering distance away from its star, Kraan is an unlikely site for a colony. Heavy metals attracted the colonists, for Kraan abounds in various radioactives and other useful mineral wealth. The Dakaar Corporation recently bought out four smaller companies which had held leases to assorted sites and Dakaar Minerals division is beginning to gear up for extensive changes to the planet's traditional organization and operation.

The excavations sit right on top of a deep vein of high-grade lanthanum ore. When previous companies held Kraan, they and the colonial government, had permitted the scientists to study and restore the site at their leisure, recognizing the historical significance of this thousand-year-old archeological relic. Shortly after Dakaar Minerals bought out the other companies, however, they did a fresh survey, noted the presence of the ore and gave the scientists six months to pack up and leave the area clear for strip mining.

Naturally, the colonial government disagreed with this ultimatum, and has attempted to back up the scientists. But Dakaar has a long reach, and it is generally believed that the best the government or the scientists can do is delay the inevitable.

World Starport[edit]

Kraan has a Class C Starport, an average quality installation which includes amenities including unrefined fuel for starships, some brokerage services for passengers and cargo, and a variety of ship provisions. There is a shipyard capable of doing maintenance and other kinds of repair. Ports of this classification generally have only a downport, unless this is a trade port or system with an hostile environment mainworld.

World Technology Level[edit]

Kraan possesses a Technology Level of TL–8.

  • Common Communication technologies for this TL include: Fiber optics, improved telephones, and satellite communication and data networks.
  • Common Power Generation technologies for this TL include: Improved geothermal and improved batteries.
  • Common Transportation technologies for this TL include:
    • Land: Advanced automobiles.
    • Water: Triphibians and early artificial gills.
    • Air: Improved helicopters and hypersonic jets.
    • Space: Space shuttles, early space stations, and improved interplanetary spacecraft (System Craft).

World Government[edit]

Kraan is governed by a Feudal Technocracy. Society divides itself based on the technical requirements of the society. Each of these functions are granted as a fief to an individual or group. Leadership of these fiefs determines the head of the government.

World Law Level[edit]

No information yet available.

World Military[edit]

No information yet available.

World Economy[edit]

The colony on Kraan is largely independent of the mining operations, though a significant portion of the economy is devoted to sporting the mining community. Kraan's position in the subsector brings a fair amount of business through the class C starport, much of it bound for or originating from the freeport at Drellesarr (Reaver's Deep 2029). Piracy is not uncommon in the system, with a market for hijacked goods only 2 parsecs away. A favorite tactic of such pirates is to lurk in the upper layers of a gas giant's atmosphere to pounce on craft attempting wilderness refueling.

Trade Data[edit]

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World Demographics[edit]

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World Culture[edit]

A source of considerable friction on Kraan is the scientific research station at the edge of the shadowland mountains. This station was first erected six years ago to study an archeological find of tremendous potential historical value, an intact base apparently set up by the Iltharans when Drexilthar (Reaver's Deep 1826) empire was at its peak. it has been described as "a treasurehouse of Reaver-era technology and knowledge", and it is now threatened with destruction.

The research base, staffed by scholars from Falkayne College, Grendal, and Andrew University, Stuart (Reavers' Deep 1716), has kept the destruction of the site under injunction from Dakaar Minerals for 15 years.


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Historical Data[edit]

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World Timeline[edit]

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UWP Listing[edit]

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