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The Carrillian Assembly (HPA) is an interstellar, multi-system government.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Notes
Did not exist. Pre-Imperial None No standard code None
Did not exist. 1st Survey (300) None 2-ltr code None
Carrillian Assembly 2nd Survey (1065) CaAs 4-ltr code None


The Carrillian Assembly is the second largest human-dominated independent political state in the Reavers' Deep sector. The Carrillian Assembly is spread across parts of four subsectors and is composed of 21 member systems.

  • One system, Yarhfahl, is a client of the Assembly, but is not an active member.


Goals: An agreement to form a federation of systems for:

  • The regulation of trade,
  • Economic coordination and...
  • Common defense.


No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In 517, rivalries between various worlds in Drexilthar and Fahlnar Subsectors (K and P, respectively) threatened the region with a major interstellar war. The Imperium, with numerous trade interests in the region, stepped in to encourage a peaceful settlement--backed with the threat of direct action if this settlement was not reached. A series of conferences were held in the neutral ground of the Carrillian Belt. The result of the conferences was to federate into a single state for the regulation of trade, economic coordination, and common defense. The Articles of Assembly, signed in 519, established the Carrillian Assembly with the Belt as capitol of the new federation.

In recent years, High Justice Daldreem has invoked extraordinary emergency powers and has transformed the Belt, and increasingly, the other worlds of the Assembly, into a police state. As a result, Ildrissar (2326) revolted. Assembly Peacekeepers and Aslan mercenaries have been sent to bring the rebellious colony back into line.

The Carrillian Assembly was formed in 519, when a number of worlds in the Drexilthar and Fahlnar subsectors fought wars which threatened to plunge the region into a general interstellar war. The Imperium, wishing to maintain this area as a buffer between themselves and the Aslan, stepped in and "suggested" they peacefully settle their differences.

A series of conferences held in the quiet backwater Carrill (Reaver's Deep 2330), specifically, Blair Rock, led to an agreement to form a federation of systems for:

  • The regulation of trade,
  • Economic coordination and...
  • Common defense.

The Articles of Assembly were signed later that year, and designated the Belt as the capital of the new federation. Blair Rock was renamed Capital and is the home of the Assembly government.

In the past 600 years, Carrill has grown from that sleepy backwater into one of the most populous and powerful systems of the Assembly.

The Assembly has been a stabilizing influence on the trailing half of the Deep for over 500 years. Throughout most of that time the Assembly has concentrated on fostering trade and progress in the region, has seldom acted outside its borders, nor has it sought to greatly expand its sphere of influence.

In the 1090's the Progressive Party came under the control of a clique of young turks that began to agitate for the expansion of the Assembly into surrounding territories. An attempted coup by young naval officers in 1103 was suppressed, but only after President Collin had been assassinated. Temporary martial law was declared and Admiral Juzark took control of Capital.

During this crisis, a compromise agreement among the Navy, the Conservative Party and the Progressive Party was worked out whereby Admiral Juzark stepped down and High Justice Daldreem, Chief Justice of the Assembly Supreme Court, was put into power as Assembly President. It was expected that Daldreem would quickly take the Assembly back to a representative democracy, but that has not happened.

Daldreem has proven to be a charismatic, but ruthless, leader who, under various constitutional pretexts has extended the state of martial law through the present. Daldreem has embarked on a campaign of expansion, popular with the Progressive Party, and is centralizing Assembly authority, popular with the Conservative Party. Today, Daldreem and his cronies dominate the Assembly government completely.

In 1109, a revolt against the Assembly began on Ildrissar (Reaver's Deep 2326) after the notorious Starport Massacre. Ildrissarians were protesting the enforcement of new Assembly tariffs on internal trade when a contingent of Assembly Marines opened fire on the demonstrators causing the death of 314. Daldreem used the protest and subsequent strikes, work-stoppages and withholding of tariffs to mobilize the Assembly Navy and launch an invasion of Ildrissar. The situation on Ildrissar is still in flux, with Carrill controlling the Starport and several cities and the Ildrissarian Patriotic Front controlling the rest of the planet.

In 1110, Halley Libidon (leader of the Liberal Party), called for a "Vote of Confidence" on Daldreem's rule by the Assembly Senate. A series of explosions and assassinations swept through Capital and Daldreem dissolved the Senate and sent the representatives home to "protect our leaders from Ildrissarian terrorists." Since 1110 Libidon has traveled throughout the region seeking support for the return of democracy to the Assembly.

Halley Libidon was charged with giving aid and comfort to Ildrissarian rebels, tried in absentia and convicted as a traitor in 1113. He continues to be uncaptured, but the bounty on his head has grown to Cr200,000.

The media was brought under control of the Office of Public Information in 1114. Two days after this event, all but three media outlets in the Carrillian Belt were officially shut down.


Significant populations of the following sophont races exist within this polity:

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116[edit]

These are some of the more important historical events that have affected this polity:

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Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

The Carrillian Assembly government is characterized as having an average degree of centralization, which gives local/regional/planetary governments more power than most governments, but sacrifices uniformity on many issues. The Carrillian Assembly government is usually classified as a Assembly, a form of a Federation, with strong inclinations towards Oligarchy and Autocracy.

Some say that the Carrillian Assembly is already a police state and an autocratic Hegemony.

In the past, the Carrillian Assembly once took the form of a Democratic Republics, a form of a Unitary State. Many in the Carrillian Assembly hope for the return of this type of governance.

Interstellar Relations[edit]

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Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

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Interstellar Commerce[edit]

The following businesses operate out of or in this polity:

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Research & Technology[edit]

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Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

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Ground Forces[edit]

Carrillian Assembly Ground Forces

Naval Forces[edit]

Carrillian Assembly Naval Forces

Paramilitary Forces[edit]

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Intelligence Agencies[edit]

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Sectors & Astrography (Location)[edit]

The Carrillian Assembly is an interstellar state composed of several systems located in the following areas:

World Data: 1105[edit]


  1. 2033 Lanixohn -----A789973-D M Hi A 700
  2. 2034 Drinsaar -----C885665-7 Ag Ni Ri 702
  3. 2129 Sarrad -------D88A300-8 Lo Wa Ni A 820
  4. 2133 Esokhi / Taraan -------B877687-A M Ag Ni 105
  5. 2230 Datinar ------B431685-A Na Ni Po 303
  6. 2234 Poseidonis / Sian ---D87A466-8 Ni Wa 505
  7. 2330 Carrill ------A0009AE-E M Hi Na Im As Va A 173
  8. 2429 Lindritar ----C5796A7-8 Ni 210
  9. 2431 Hannahsport / Iskara --B55A759-9 M Ag 421
  10. 2433 Nora Alice / Santol ---C999563-7 M Ni 204
  11. 2530 Yaggoth ------B864756-B Ag Ri 222
  12. 2532 Menlaus / Istieru ------A887786-B Ag Ri 804
  13. 2628 Boran --------C3135AB-0 Ni Ic A 300
  14. 2632 Triassic / Faranim -----A868742-A Ag Ri 103
  15. 2633 Dobson / Astorga -------C6B5521-8 Ni Fl 212
  16. 2730 Syreon -------C44688C-8 S C:0 320
  17. 2732 Clover / Lanisteg -------A568569-D Ag Ni 600
  18. 2828 Lyresse ------C693651-9 Ni A 810
  19. 2829 Rothman ------B796855-9 M 403
  20. 2932 Gramarye -----B795663-7 M Ag Ni 203

World Listing: 1105[edit]

21 Worlds in Carrillian Assembly
Astorga  •  Boran  •  Carrill  •  Datinar  •  Faranim  •  Gramarye  •  Ildrissar  •  Iskara  •  Istieru  •  Kaihadd  •  Lanisteg  •  Lanixohn  •  Lindritar  •  Lyresse  •  Rothman  •  Santol  •  Sarrad  •  Sian (RD 2234)  •  Syreon  •  Taraan  •  Yaggoth  •  

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