Fourth Interstellar War

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(-2349 to -2346): Fourth Interstellar War

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The 3rd War was followed be a lengthy but uneasy period of peace that came to be known as the “Empty Peace”. During this period the Terrans, confident after their victories in the Early wars, embarked on an extensive program of colonial expansion, both into the newly acquired Vilani worlds and to the virgin worlds to rimward.

This allowed Sharik Yangila, the new Diikagkarunii, the time to radically reshape the forces at her disposal. She obtained permission from the Sharurshid’s central management to construct large numbers of radically new ships based around large spinal mounts after the Terran pattern (the so called attack cruisers). New tactical methods were introduced to deal with the Terrans' close range attacks. Rear area patrols were expanded and deployed in depth in an attempt to deal with Terran commerce raiders. Extensive intelligence work built up a detailed picture of the Terrans' weaknesses and preparations were made to capitalize on these. In -2349 the Vilani were ready to strike.

Historical Spectrum of the Interstellar Wars[edit]

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Image Repository[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The initial Vilani assault fell on Nusku. The Terran response proved inadequate and the world was quickly overrun. Rather than turn towards the heart of the Confederation, Yangila chose to drive to liberate Ishimshulgi and Lagash. This unorthodox drive caught the Terrans by surprise and was a brilliant success. By 2175 AD the Terrans had suffered heavy casualties and both worlds had been lost.

With the coreward portions of the Sol Subsector secured, Yangila did not repeat the mistake of the previous war and threaten Terra (SR 1827) (world) itself, but rather turned her attentions towards the Terran occupied worlds in the Dingir Subsector. The focus was shifted to Iilike. By this stage the Terrans had started to come to grips with the changed Vilani methods; and with some difficulty the Iilike offensive was held.

This minor setback was to prove disastrous for Yangila, as her enemies within the province seized on the opportunity to bring about her downfall. As the Terrans rebuilt their strength the new Vilani commander failed to regain the initiative and the war bogged down into an attritional fight around the Terran perimeter at Iilike and Agidda.

With the Terran’s usual long range commerce raids slowly regaining their former effectiveness, this form of warfare eventually proved to be too costly for the Vilani to sustain. In -2346 a negotiated settlement was reached with the Vilani regaining the Coreward portion of the Sol subsector.

Event Timeline[edit]

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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This event primarily took place in the following areas:
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This event occurred at the following worlds and systems:

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