Eighth Interstellar War

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(-2294 to -2284): Eighth Interstellar War

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The 7th War was followed by the so called "Long Peace". Both sides had been heavily drained by the efforts of the 6th and 7th Wars; and neither was keen to renew hostilities quickly. However, this lengthy period of peace was to favor the Terrans far more than the Vilani. With the relative stability of the Long Peace substantial colonies were established to rimward, the former Vilani worlds were absorbed into the mainstream of Confederation culture and most importantly; industry was rationalized and the technological advances of the previous 150 years fully utilized for the first time.

Historical Spectrum of the Interstellar Wars[edit]

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Image Repository[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Finally however the 8th War came in 2266 AD. The war opened with a Vilani attack on Karkhar. The attack proved to be misjudged. The Terran defenses were far stronger than the Vilani had anticipated and the Vilani forces badly led. In 2267 AD the Terrans commenced their counter-offensive. Shulgi and Kinunir fell quickly in 2267 AD. Launching a feint towards Gashidda, the Terrans turned and seized Dingir in 2267 AD. This threw the Vilani into confusion, and provided the opportunity for Admiral Albadawi to launch his master plan. He gambled on the Vilani being unable to react quickly to a change in Terran focus and moved to seize and fortify Enulsur -- now known as Oudh. Taking possibly the biggest gamble of all the wars, he took the bulk of the Terran fleet and in 2268 AD he reduced Gaea, Tonopah and Duriim. This maneuver totally outflanked the Vilani and left their entire fleet cut off and stranded at Gashidda. The Vilani tried frantically to break out of this pocket but the Terran line held and the Vilani fleet was to remain impotent throughout the rest of the war.

In the meantime the Terrans took advantage of the absence of the Vilani fleet to reduce many of the now vulnerable Vilani worlds. Without the provincial fleet to protect them the entire rimward provinces lay open to invasion. Within nine months the Terrans had occupied no less than twelve new worlds and had laid siege to another four. The Terran advance was greatly assisted when in Early 2269 AD the Vegans revolted against their Vilani overlords and established the Vegan Polity. The Terrans immediately declared the nascent Vegan state to be a Terran protectorate and dispatched forces to assist the Vegans. By 2270 AD the entire rimward province lay open to Terran invasion and the Diikagkarunii sued for peace. In the subsequent Treaty of Enulsur, the Vilani recognized the Terran protectorate over the Vegans and surrendered all territory rimward of Vega to the Terrans.

Event Timeline[edit]

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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

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