Sixth Interstellar War

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(-2327 to -2321): Sixth Interstellar War

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The 6th War opened with a Vilani attempt to outflank the Terrans. Their initial offensive was launched from the Vega Subsector using a deep space refueling depot to extend the range of their fleet. This enabled them to attack Lagash directly from Shulgiasu. The strategy did catch the Terrans off guard, who had expected any attack to fall in the Dingir Subsector and Lagash fell in late 2195 AD. However the Vilani strategy proved to be deeply flawed. As the Vilani attempted to push on toward Ishimshulgi and Nusku, they found that with their supply lines totally dependent on the deep space depot, they could not gather sufficient forces to reduce Ishimshulgi. By 2196 AD the Terrans had halted their offensive and forced them back to Lagash. Lagash was to prove to be a weeping sore in the Vilani war effort during the 6th War. The Terrans never made a concerted effort to retake the world, but were well contented to just bleed off Vilani strength as they tried to hold the world. Eventually the Vilani recognized the futility of this front and in 2201 AD they abandoned Lagash.

Historical Spectrum of the Interstellar Wars[edit]

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Image Repository[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the meantime, events had not remained static on other fronts. In 2198 AD the Terrans launched an offensive into the Dingir subsector. This offensive was aimed directly at the important high population world of Gashidda. Shuruppak and Enki Kalamma both fell in 2198 AD and the Terrans gathered their strength for an assault on Gashidda itself. The Siege of Gashidda lasted for most of 2199 AD and into 2200 AD. Eventually the world finally fell to the Terrans, but not before the Terrans had suffered significant losses. With Gashidda secured, the Terrans drove deeper into Vilani territory. Shulgiili and Kinunir fell in 2200 AD, and Shulgi and Meshan in 2201 AD.

However, by this stage the Terrans losses were mounting alarmingly and with the Vilani withdrawal from Lagash in 2201 AD they were able to significantly reinforce the Dingir front. The weakened and overstretched Terrans were unable to hold their gains and the Vilani ultimately recaptured Shulgiili, Kinunir and Shulgi. By this stage the war had taken a heavy toll on both sides and the more moderate elements in both camps were calling for a peace treaty. A treaty was negotiated in 2201 AD with the Vilani ceding Iilike, Shulimik, and Shuruppak; but retaining Gashidda.

Event Timeline[edit]

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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This event primarily took place in the following areas:
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