Manuel Albadawi

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Grand Admiral: Manuel Albadawi
Grand Admiral Terran Confederation Navy
Location: Terran Confederation, Ziru Sirka
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Born -2262 (2256 AD)
Died -2262 (2256 AD)

Manuel Albadawi was a Terran Confederation Navy admiral known for defeating the interstellar navies of the Ziru Sirka.

Description (Character)[edit]

From a very young age, Manuel began to show signs of charismatic leadership amongst his classmates. He frequently was team captain on sports teams and also exhibited signs of impetuous risk taking. Later in life, he was known to have a gambling addiction. By the time he hit middle and high schooling ages on the classic Terran educational model, he had grown into a very imposing young man. He was known for the rest of life for the strength of his character, a quality he put to good use many times in the Terran Confederation Navy.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Manuel Albadawi was a Terran born of mixed Palestinian-Arab-Spanish parentage in Cairo, Egypt, Earth. At the age of 18 he moved with his parents to Iilike, where they were performing environmental studies on Vilani worlds newly added to the Confederation. Believing Terran culture to be superior to that of the Vilani, he joined the Confederation Navy during the Seventh Interstellar War and rose to the rank of lieutenant commander. He continued to be promoted during the subsequent peace, reaching the rank of rear admiral by the outbreak of the Eighth Interstellar War.

At the outbreak of the Eighth Interstellar War, the Vilani strategic plan was to have a large, well supplied fleet batter its way through the Sirius-Procyon gap and approach Terra and Prometheus from the rimward direction. While a substantial Confederation fleet held off the Vilani at Fenris, Albadawi, in command of a fleet of his own, moved out from Nusku, reducing the outposts at Apishal and Zaggisi, and reached Dingir, which he captured. He then took advantage of Vilani confusion, moving on, seizing, and fortifying Oudh (then called Enulsur), isolating Dingir Subsector from the rest of the Vilani Empire. Leaving part of his fleet to defend Enulsur, he took the remainder to reduce, in turn, Gaea, Tonopah, and Duriim. This cut the Vilani fleet out of supply and forced it, greatly reduced, to retreat to spinward. Albadawi's fleet met the Terran main fleet at Gashidda, which was taken, ending the war. Albadawi's skillful campaign earned the Confederation a decisive victory, and was especially notable for its operations behind Vilani lines, where it subsisted on captured and improvised supplies.

In the subsequent peace, Albadawi was appointed Grand Admiral of the Terran Confederation Navy, and oversaw the integration of jump-3 vessels armed with meson guns into the fleet. This fleet, with its ability to appear in unexpected places and attack with what the Vilani called the "certain death weapon", nearly annihiliated the Ziru Sirka Core Fleet at Muan Kwoyen during the Ninth Interstellar War, which was the beginning of the end of the Vilani Empire.

After the Ninth War, Albadawi retired to Iilike, refusing to run for political office and serving in an advisory role to the Confederation Navy. Albadawi Subsector is named for him.

Personage Timeline[edit]

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