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Spectral A2 Ia
Type Supergiant
(Alpha Cygni variable)
Luminosity 60,000-250,000 LSol
Absolute magnitude -8.73
Mag Terra 1.25 (19th)
Temperature 8,400° K
Mass 20-25 MSol
Radius 200-300 RSol

The star Deneb (also known as Alpha Cygni or Arided) is a blue-white spectral class A2 supergiant star with a diameter of approximately 200-300 times that of Sol, which gives its name to the class of variable stars known as Alpha Cygni variables.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Estimates for Deneb's luminosity range from about 60,000 times the brightness of Sol to 250,000 times Sol's brightness (an absolute magnitude of −8.73).

  • The mass of the star is calculated to be 20-25 MSol, meaning that the star will have a short lifespan and will probably become a supernova within a few million years. It has already stopped fusing hydrogen in its core.
  • Deneb is the prototype of a class of variable stars known as Alpha Cygni variables. Its surface undergoes non-radial fluctuations, which cause its brightness and spectral type to change slightly.
  • Deneb is the 19th brightest star as seen from Terra, it is the 26th brightest star in the galaxy, and one of the brightest in Charted Space. Deneb is also the 31st largest star in the galaxy.
  • From Vland, Deneb is visible during daylight as a magnitude -4.7 star, as it is for all worlds lying at Vland's distance from Deneb (presuming the world in question has an atmosphere that permits the viewing of stars from the surface).

Deneb Stellar System[edit]

The Deneb star system lies approximately 432.9pc from Terra, and is located in a Corespinward/Spinward direction from Terra at bearing 084.3o Galactic Longitude and +2.0o North Galactic Latitude.

Deneb System
Usani/Deneb 1925
Position Distance Name UWP
Primary 'Deneb Primary' 'A2 Ia'
0 0.2 AU - (Empty Orbit)
1 0.4 AU - (Empty Orbit)
2 0.7 AU - (Empty Orbit)
3 1.0 AU - (Empty Orbit)
4 1.6 AU - (Empty Orbit)
5 2.0 AU - (Empty Orbit)
6 5.2 AU - (Empty Orbit)
7 10 AU Deneb VII Belt Y000000-0
8 19.6 AU - (Empty Orbit)
9 38.8 AU Deneb IX Y000000-0
10 77.2 AU - (Empty Orbit)
11 154 AU Gashimuu B660000-B
12 307.4 AU Deneb B537ADD-C
1 12   Cova Y100000-0
2 35   Liye YS00000-0
3 50   Shanuasifehaemo YS00000-0
13 618.4 AU - (Empty Orbit)
14 1229.2 AU Deneb XIV Y000000-0
15 2458 AU - (Empty Orbit)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Deneb is the primary star of the world Deneb/Usani (Deneb 1925). It should not be confused with the star Dheneb, which is the proper name for the star Eta Ceti, nor should it be confused with the stars Deneb Algedi (Delta Capricorni) or Deneb Kaitos (Beta Ceti).

Image Repository[edit]

TravellerMap (T5SS):

Stellar Origin[edit]

Deneb spent much of its early life as a 23 MSol O-type main-sequence star, but has since exhausted its supply of hydrogen in its core and has begun to cool and expand.


Gashimuu, a world orbiting the star Deneb in the life zone, one orbit in from the world Deneb, was settled around -2400 by Vilani fleeing the Rule of Man. Like most such colonies, it regressed technologically, but not as much as many, and it regained jump capability around -80. A lot heavy industry had already been placed on the next world out from Gashimuu, and as the years went by, the population rose until it finally overtook Gashimuu as the system mainworld. Inevitably, it became known as Deneb.


Deneb is an average-sized world with a dense atmosphere tainted with the by-products of its extensive industrialization.

Point of Interest: Deneb Moon Structure[edit]

Deneb has three natural moons:

  1. Cova, with a diameter of 1,200 kilometers,
  2. Liye, with a diameter of 500 kilometers and...
  3. Shanuasifehaemo, a captured asteroid with a diameter of 17 kilometers.

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