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Dan Corrin (Author) Title[edit]

Please see Imperial Nobility and Imperial Bureaucracy for more information.

Dan Corrin (Author) Biography[edit]

Dan Corrin is the founder of this wiki.

I have been involved with Traveller since 1977. I ran the TML for a while i.e. Listmom, was involved in one large internet RPG, and have a collection encompassing 90% of the older material. (I have not kept up with GURPS Traveller Material). I was also a playtester for Fire, Fusion & Steel.

My other interest is another game by GDW: En-Garde!

Test Page Statistics

Here is my Collection of Traveller:

  • Everything but:
  • QLI/Avenger/Adjutant/Games Workshop/Marischal/IBR: All products
  • GT: Deck plan 6: Dragon,
  • Droyne Coyn Set,
  • Planetary Survey 6 - Darkmoon,
  • Sword Worlds, Nobles, Starships
  • BITS: The Long Way Home,
  • The Traveller Bibliography,
  • Delta 3 is Down,
  • At Close Quarters,
  • Power Projection (all),
  • 101 Starcrews
  • Far Future: All products except MT CD-ROM
  • GDW: Zhodani Alien Module,
  • Vampire Fleets,
  • Regency Combat Vehicle Guide
  • Seeker: Escape,
  • Module 1-3
  • Imperium Games: Annilillik Run,
  • First Survey,
  • Naval Architects's Manual
  • GDP: TD 1-3,
  • The Flaming Eye
  • FASA: High Passage 1
  • JG: Amycus Probe,
  • Glimmerdrift Reaches,
  • Marooned on Ghostring?,
  • Starships and Spacecraft,
  • Ley Sector,
  • Darkling Ship
  • Paranoia:Personal Data Sheet,
  • Starship Logs,
  • Planetary Data Sheet
  • Group 1:All but (Lomodo IVA, Mission to Zephor, Nithus, Nystalux)
  • FLT: Stellar Reaches 1-5