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Ascendancy Pact: AP (Vx) is a polity located in Knoellighz Sector.

  • (changed from Antares Pact due to repeat polity name)
  • Ascendency – (n. in Ecology), can be regarded as “organized power” to prevail against disturbance by virtue of its combined organization and size.
  • In the case of the Ascendancy Pact, (a misspelling by the founding Vargr), it is more organized in comparison to its size which follows suit as it is able.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
Ascendancy Pact Pre-Imperial AsPa No standard code None
Ascendancy Pact 1st Survey (300) Vx 2-ltr code None
Ascendancy Pact 2nd Survey (1065) VAsP 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Issuing Coreward from the central Rimward border of Knoellighz Sector is the Ascendancy Pact. This Vargr polity stretches Coreward and curves very slightly Spinward to claim four corners of Irrarrdhang, Thoeg, Khuzedhoth and Raelas subsectors. The Pact is the third Vargr empire to incorporate from exploration and colonization that reached Coreward from Gvurrdon Sector. This medium (by relative standards) empire encompasses an area of 125 parsecs (hexes) of space. Inside its borders are 66 worlds, some yet to be colonized or developed for future colonization. The highest, publicly-known Technology Level is shared by two worlds rated at D, found at Dougfoekoeng (Knoellighz 1228) and Zalgvadzokh (Knoellighz 1732). The Pact's lowest Technology Level is featured on Barren or un-colonized worlds of: Thueknorrurr, Uengsong, Okskorztsillkag, Ksoo, and Uegna, (Knoellighz 1127, 1328, 1427, 1829 and 1932 respectively); each has a rating of 0. Again, this is mainly due to Barren, un-colonzied, or in one case tech backsliding. The Ascendancy Pact is claiming worlds faster than it can populate. Its highest Population is 9 and is shared by four worlds: Dhoentig, Roethoeegaeaegz, Ronaeksourrgh, and Uosa, (Knoellighz 1636, 1726, 1838, and 2237 respectively). Not all Low Technology Level worlds are unpopulated as seen with the 0 ratings from only Uengsong and Thuksknedh (Knoellighz 1328 and 1736). The polity features ten Naval Bases and eight Corsair Bases.



Heraldry displays two 'claws' cradling a world.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

More worlds just outside the Ascendancy Pact concern Factions in the polity, but actions to claim those worlds has yet to be asserted by lack of motivation to colonize by its member world populations. These include Serue for technology uplift, Ksaellaez and Koegoezi to tame local Corsair Bases, Dzagok and Tasoloe for secret reasons known only to ‘privateers’ at Uosa (Knoellighz 2237, see UOSA Secret entry below). Many target worlds are part of the Pact's eventual expansion Coreward, yet current worlds remain to be fully developed.

The Ascendancy Pact is the second numerous expanding Vargr polity in terms of parsecs claimed. The fastest polity is naturally the Zhodani Consulate (Zh) though it too holds its worlds in a frontier condition as does the rest of Knoellighz Sector. While other polities are growing, they suffer internal issues that stunt their annexations. It is perhaps due to the drive and motivation behind the Ascendancy Pact motto much like a corporate mission statement: “We ascend together.”

Demographics: 1105[edit]

Significant populations of the following sophont races reside within this polity:

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

The Ascendancy Pact’s average Government rating of 4 (Representative Democracy) stems from a range of 0 up the scale to a stifling E rating and is skewed heavily on the anarchic end. Sixty-six member worlds, some un-populated send forth, (or are spoken for by neighbors), Representatives to a legislative body to vote on new laws, consider Corsair applications to the Hunters’ Bawn for Letters of Marque for recommendation to the Magistrates and other policy-making tasks. Colonization is regulated by the Representatives. Three Representatives of exceeding Charisma are elevated by the Representatives and soon replaced by their home worlds. These are called Magistrates and they have supreme judicial powers in interstellar court cases that appeal to them. They have authority over the Ascendancy Pact’s polity community and its stretch of the Jump-1 main, the Bridge of Destiny. The Magistrates appoint the Grand Admiral who commands a Grand Fleet of the Navy, a high-Charisma position that is the executive branch of the military both space and space marines. The Grand Admiral is served by four other Admirals, each with their own fleet. All five of the Ascendancy Pact’s fleets are assigned and patrol between two Naval Bases each which are commanded by Commodores. Commodores oversee their Naval Bases and local, Jump-0 vessels such as tenders. Starport Administrators answer to both the Admiralty and the local world government. Aerospace Wing Commanders are responsible for Fighters, VTOL gunships and troop landers crewed by the Marines and their Generals. Privateers of the Hunters’ Bawn, holding Ascendancy Pact Letters of Marque answer to the Magistrates, but can –if they choose to do so- abide suggestions from the Admiralty. As of circa 1105, there are four Corsair bases that are aligned to the Pact as privateers. The other three are Corsairs engaged in illegal piracy and are hunted by Pact Navy. The privateers, like many other polities’ bands, are not called upon by the Navy to defend the sovereignty of the Ascendancy Pact for fear of loss of face, (Charisma). Such actions, if initiated by a privateer band, are purely self-serving to the band. Corsair packs in and about the Ascendancy Pact have no such loyalty. Bulk Haulers and Traders of the Ascendancy Pact answer to the Admiralty if they are under military contract. Most vessels of these classes are more often employed by corporations or are tramp traders. A few ships are secretly fielded by crime syndicates that are not in league with Corsairs. Only at Uosa (Knoellighz 2237) is a world largely under the administration by a privateer band and Uosa’s case Corsairs who are pretending to act as Hunters’ Bawn privateers in service to the Ascendancy Pact, (see Uosa Secret below).

Interstellar Relations[edit]

Interstellar Community & Policy: A Quiet War existence permeates the Knoellighz Sector. The Ascendancy Pact stands as the central instigator on all fronts. Its growth has stunted the Infinity League, wedging it against the Spinward border of their benefactors, the Zhodani Consulate. By pinning the League in a corner, the Pact is able to out-distance the smaller rival for worlds Coreward. Naval vessels trade shots and simple volleys more as a territorial marking rather than for true conquest. Real war only happens on the growth edges of each polity, (Coreward). Only on the Bridge of Destiny does the Acendancy Pact acknowledge other polities and conduct trade through intermediaries of neutral worlds that can assert their independence. Lone wolves can be tolerated in the eyes of the Pact. The Ascendancy Pact even taunts its larger neighbor, the Democracy of Greats and hopes someday to push the wilderlands Vargr off the Bridge of Destiny completely.

The only policy truly shared by the Ascendancy Pact with the rest of the sector is the concept of the Hunter's Bawn privateers. Corsairs that legitimize themselves with Letters of Marque are the cannon fodder of Knoellighz. Polities, the Pact included, are all too happy to push the privateers out front and against their enemies so long as they do not have to pick up the bill. This hounds the Diplomatic Corps of various governments to no end.

Internal Politics[edit]

Politics in the Ascendancy Pact is largely Charisma and meritocratic driven.

Government Structure[edit]

Charismatic Democracy in that Charismatic individuals are chosen by a small body of charismatic legislators who in turn are chosen by their home world governments.

1. Executive Branch[edit]

Three Magistrates, elevated by Charisma and popular election in the Representatives, are chosen to act as the Executive Branch of the Ascendancy Pact. New Representatives from the chosen ones' worlds then fill their vacant seats.

2. Legislative Branch[edit]

Representatives from each non-Captured/non-Colony world make up a legislative body to consider policy for the Ascendancy Pact.

3. Judicial Branch[edit]

Local courts oversee each world's law except the few worlds that offer extraterritoriality.

Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

Economy and Trade: The momentum that the Ascendancy Pact enjoys is mainly due to its tendency to absorb worlds, harvest their resources and the conservation to move onwards before it is ruined by industry. As the fastest growing polity in Knoellighz Sector, the Pact's borders creep Coreward, ever closer to the Zhodani Consulate's Trailing border. The Pact fields the best explorers of any of the Vargr states in the Sector and thus has claimed and held more worlds on the so-called Bridge of Destiny. By developing a minimum number of Industrial worlds needed to keep up its hungry momentum, the polity exudes a trade hub mentality on the Bridge and draws attention from the Infinity League and the Democracy of Greats. Each would love to have the Pact's capability to decisive growth. This has led trade wars between sector corporations, homesteading races to new worlds, smuggling, privateering, naval skirmishes and piracy. The Pact, to their eyes, sees their wealth as something to pride themselves upon and reap the rewards the frontier has to offer.

Trade with other polities does happen along the Bridge of Destiny, but only through neutral and un-aligned worlds. The Quiet Wars are loudest at the tables of the Diplomatic Corps and Ambassadors rather than exploding naval vessels. This makes the corporations doing business fly well under the radar before borders can be closed in true war.

More than a few Factions of the Ascendancy Pact have lobbied for bans on psionics and resent the Infinity League for allowing such mental corruption to infest them from the Humans of the Zhodani Consulate. This has caused the Pact to take a step back from their closest worlds to the Consulate's Trailing edge. This mental xenophobia has not dominated their standoffishness, but does prevent public trade from happening to any significant scale. Tramp traders have made contact with the Humans in Knoellighz in the most careful of venues and conditions.

The Democracy of Greats has taken more worlds, but the selective Ascendancy Pact was careful in the worlds they absorbed. Thus, the Pact is far more stable and relies less on the showmanship Charisma of its leaders in government and corporate sectors. Rather, they let the numbers and wealth speak for itself.

Underworld business thrives on the coattails of the Ascendancy Pact. By taking up worlds left behind by the Pact, criminal elements such as syndicates and Corsairs make use of the scraps and set up dens of degenerate vocation. With government eyes forward, piracy is against smaller polities and the trade lanes between them. The Bridge of Destiny holds the brunt of such predation, but many direct routes of Jump-2 are also staked out. No crime syndicate in the Ascendancy is as successful as the Uosa Syndicate Privateers as they enjoy a legitimate Letter of Marque of the Hunter's Bawn while at the same time engaging in the most unsavory of underbelly business ventures. By staying in the wake of civilization does the USP avoid the gaze of the polity and its momentum.

Interstellar Commerce[edit]

The following businesses operate out of or in this polity:

  • No information yet available.

Research & Technology[edit]

No information yet available.

Hunters’ Bawn[edit]

This is the sector-wide term for Letters of Marque given to Corsairs by polities seeking to re-direct piracy at their enemies. This effectively gives Corsairs legitimacy as privateers and lays down regulations in various activities allowed by the home polity. Corsairs, unconstrained by such harsh restrictions in their eyes, continue to prey on any polity they like and find the concept laughable.

  • The four Ascendancy Pact privateer bands are unique in that they sometimes choose to hire as mercenaries to legitimate businesses and business ventures as escorts or attachments to convoy escorts. This extra service (at c. 1105) has yet to catch on in other polities and is not common shared knowledge, (especially at UOSA.)

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

No information yet available.

Ground Forces[edit]

No information yet available.

Naval Forces[edit]

No information yet available.

Special Forces[edit]

No information yet available.

Paramilitary Forces[edit]

No information yet available.

Intelligence Agencies[edit]

No information yet available.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This polity can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space Vargr Extents:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The Ascendancy Pact is growing fastest of the Vargr polities of Knoellighz Sector with a successful planning that features worlds:

  • Agricultural 4
  • Garden 11
  • Rich 3
  • Industrial 2
  • Water 1
  • Desert 2
  • Asteroids 3

The Bridge of Destiny[edit]

The Ascendancy Pact is bisected by the so-called Bridge of Destiny, a long Jump-1 main that stretches across four subsectors and connects polities such as the Zhodani Consulate, the Infinity League, Ascendancy Pact and the Democracy of Greats. It is the concern of navies, traders, haulers, privateers and corsairs and is valuable to all due to low jump drive ratings of the frontier Sector spacefarers. The Pact holds the majority of the Bridge and seeks to claim more as it too annexes, conquers and expands Coreward.

Doomed and Failing Worlds[edit]

A few worlds of the Ascendancy Pact are far more mobile and willing to move on to newer and welcoming worlds. This is one of the motivators of the Pact’s fastest expansion. As worlds begin to fail or are acknowledged as doomed, populations migrate to the Coreward frontier edge of the polity before the initial world is irreparably damaged. This conveyor belt movement allows the annexation of worlds to progress faster than other states bogged down in red tape or internal emergencies. Rare is the world in the Pact that requires mass exodus, aid from the Navy or government.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are a part of this polity:

32 of 32 World articles in Ascendancy Pact
Aesrroeth  •  Akfull  •  Angghan  •  Dhognodozelldzours  •  Dougfoekoeng  •  Dzangse  •  Eaerukazsung  •  Garrillon  •  Ghandhorr  •  Gvaegaenuoekhtsurrgh  •  Khokhurr  •  Llatourrnanourrgh  •  Ngallorrounkors  •  Oekanraz  •  Oethendogh  •  Okskorztsillkag (Kn 1427)  •  One  •  Oudzkekhorr  •  Oudzorzkon  •  Roethoeegaeaegz  •  Ronaeksourrgh  •  Rraeoe  •  Rriuerak  •  Thaghuzaeng  •  Thueknorrurr  •  Thukhsknedh  •  Uegna  •  Uknonueng  •  Uosa  •  Utogagzae (Kn 1327)  •  Vaaenesrouz  •  Zalgvadzokh  •  
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