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This page is the documentation for the Template:StellarData.layout

Description (Specifications)[edit]

This template is used by Template:StellarDataQuery to format the StellarData raw results into a layout for a world page.

  • This layout includes a infobox side bar on the left size with the summary information about the world, and separated for each era.
  • It also include a header section on the page with a summary of the world based upon the trade, sophont, and details and allegiance of the world.
  • Different eras, particularly the changes from classic era through the hard times and into the new era, have changes to the starport, population, government, law level, and tech level. Along with these changes include changes to economic fortunes including starport size, trade, cultural changes, and so on.

Features of this template include:

  • World Habitability is color coded in the planet title.
  • Each era included can have its own travel zone.
  • If details are know about the system (stellar types, Belts, gas giant counts) these are included.
  • If there is a full article on the system, a link to that article can be included.
  • And a popup box containing the expanded UWP descriptions will be shown when you put the mouse cursor over the UWP in the infobox table.


Parameter layout

 {{{world}}} == {{{1}}}
 {{{sector}}} == {{{2}}}
 {{{subsector}}} == {{{3}}}
 {{{era}}} == {{{4}}}
 {{{hex}}} == {{{5}}}
 {{{name}}} == {{{6}}}
 {{{UWP}}} == {{{7}}}
 {{{pcode}}} == {{{8}}}
 {{{codes}}} == {{{9}}}
 {{{sophonts}}} == {{{10}}}
 {{{details|}}} == {{{11}}}
 {{{ix}}} == {{{12}}}
 {{{ex|}}} == {{{13}}}
 {{{cx|}}} == {{{14}}}
 {{{nobility|}}} == {{{15}}}
 {{{bases|}}} == {{{16}}}
 {{{zone|}}} == {{{17}}}
 {{{popmul|}}} == {{{18}}}
 {{{belts|}}} == {{{19}}}
 {{{giants|}}} == {{{20}}}
 {{{worlds|}}} == {{{21}}}
 {{{aleg|}}}   == {{{22}}}
 {{{stars|}}}  == {{{23}}}
 {{{wtn|}}}    == {{{24}}}
 {{{ru|}}}    == {{{25}}}
 {{{gwp|}}}  == {{{26}}}
 {{{trade|}}} == {{{27}}}
 {{{pass|}}}  == {{{28}}}
 {{{build|}}} == {{{29}}}
 {{{army|}}}  == {{{30}}}
 {{{portSize|}}} == {{{31}}}
 {{{spa|}}}  == {{{32}}}
 {{{worldName|}}} == {{{33}}}
 {{{basesDescription|}}} == {{{34}}}
 {{{basesCategories|}}} == {{{35}}}
 {{{Non-canon trade codes|}}} == {{{36}}}
 {{{First Survey name|}}} == {{{37}}}

Parameter Descriptions[edit]


  • world : Name of the world as given for the era. This may change over time.
  • sector : Sector name for the location of the world
  • subsector : Subsector name for the location of the world
  • hex : Hex number location in the sector for the world
  • name : The page name in the wiki for the world article. Will not change between era's.



Universal World Profile[edit]

UWP: the UWP code in standard format.

  • The UWP format must be in the standard 7-1 format ("A000000-T"). The UWP template uses Template: UWPexpand (and a css trick) to enable a formated box which pops up when move your mouse cursor over the UWP. This box contains the expanded text for the UWP, for those of us who haven't yet memorized the UWP codes.
  • The css trick to create a formatted pop-up box in contained MediaWiki:Common.css, and the four div.UWPInfo statements. To make this work you need to include the following in your page: <div class=UWPInfo>Text to be visible<span>Text to be in the popup</span></div>. The two sets of text can include any HTML code.

Trade codes[edit]

pcode: One of the planetary Trade classifications, the code determining the background color of the title bar for the world name.

as (Asteroid Belt)
de (Desert World)
fl (Fluid Ocean)
ga (Garden world) - Default
he (Hell world)
ic (Ice-Capped)
oc (Ocean world)
po (Poor world)
va (Vacuum World))
wa (Water World)
  • codes: The complete set of planetary, populations, and economic codes. These create the starting list of description to the world for the era.
  • sophonts: All of the trade information data regarding sophonts, including home worlds and population divisions.
  • details: All of the details codes including climate, secondary, political, and special codes. This will include the owner and colony codes.

T5 Second Survey data[edit]

  • ix: Importance
  • ex: Economic extension data
  • cx: Cultural extension data
  • nobility: Nobility presence codes

Travel information[edit]

  • bases : Any military or special bases located on this world or in the system
  • zone : Travel zone, one of Red Zone, Amber Zone or (default) green
  • Aleg : Allegiance Code for the world in the given era
  • basesDescription: Description of the bases located on this world
  • basesCategories: Categories for the included bases

PBGW & Stellar data[edit]

  • popmul : population multiplier for the UWP population number
  • belts : number of planetoid belts in the system
    • There is an in-game distinction between asteroid belt and planetoid belt.
  • giants : number of gas giants in the system
    • GG's exist as SGG and LGG at this time.
  • worlds : total number of worlds in the system. Including the mainworld.
  • stars : comma list of the stars in the system.
    • Six stars is the most that exists within Charted Space at this time.

Economic extension data[edit]

  • wtn: World Trade Number, a calculation of approximate trade for the world.
  • ru: Resource Units, a calculation of relative economic strength
  • gwp: Gross World Product, another economic calculation (MCr)
  • trade: External trade for the world (MCr/Year)
  • pass: passenger volume through the star port (people/year)
  • build: Estimation of maximum shipyard capacity
  • army: Army size in BEs
  • portSize: Port size, a relative calculation of size of the port based upon trade and passenger traffic
  • spa: Starport Authority personnel. The number of people working at the port to support the trade and passenger traffic.

Extra Name[edit]

  • worldName : The full Template:World name for this world.
  • Non-canon trade code: Comma separated list of non-canon trade codes
    • This includes Mongoose codes and others that have been absorbed into TravMap and other sources.
  • First Survey name: name of the world from the First Survey, print the alternative name in the list.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Thomas Jones-Low did all of the initial coding.

  • Thomas has updated the code several times to take advantages of new capabilities as the wiki code was updated.
  • Maksim has followed up so that someone else would understand it.
  • Maksim has made minor edits to the template over the yeara.

Interacting Templates[edit]

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

This list of sources was used by the Traveller Wiki Editorial Team and individual contributors to compose this article. Copyrighted material is used under license from Far Future Enterprises or by permission of the author. The page history lists all of the contributions.