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The Importance Extension or Ix is a gross measure of a world's overall interstellar importance in generalized terms.

  • It represents a very gross estimate of a mainworld's socioeconomic value.
  • While much of the value is in raw economic terms, other factors could influence the rating including starport size, political importance, desirable astrographic locations (...communication routes as opposed to trade routes), political importance, a high planetary habitability rating, or even cultural factors.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Importance Extension is abbreviated Ix and written in braces ({+/- N}). It is a decimal integer (positive, negative, or zero) ranking the importance of the world within a region.

On this case, the importance of the mainworld is ranked within the subsector socio-economy, which is the basic level of functionality within Charted Space.

Importance Extension Basic Parameters[edit]

Importance Extension Parameter Explication[edit]

  • Importance Extension

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Office of the Emperor, the Imperial Bureaucracy, the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, the Travellers' Aid Society, the Merchant Service, the Educational Institutes, and many other interstellar organizations use this data for governance, interstellar economy, world surveys, and other necessary tasks.

Such data drives Charted Space.

Today's IISS Importance Extension was developed from an earlier metric known as the Eaglestone Trade Index.

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Universal world profile[edit]

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