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The Shegimuud Trace is a cluster of twenty seven systems all accessible by J-1 ships and entirely contained within the coreward edges of Arnakhish and Old Suns subsectors.


The origin of the name (which translates as Heavenly or Eternal Twins) is lost in the mists of time but popular belief holds that it is derived from the two type II bright giant stars that lie at its heart.

The primaries of the Kua (Dagudashaag ) and Kemnagii (Dagudashaag 1904) systems were named for a pair of squabbling Vilani heroes, Meshurish and Mendadii.

History and background[edit]

The Trace retains a strong Vilani flavour and many worlds still adhere closely to Vilani tradition.

Worlds and sectors[edit]

The spinward end of the Trace is dominated by industrialized Giinashkhid (Dagudashaag 1502) and agricultural Ekuu (Dagudashaag 1102) while advanced Likhukam (Dagudashaag 2204) overshadows the trailing edge.

World Listing[edit]

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