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Prefab Starport
Type Structure
Tech Level TL–13
Cost MCr1.13
Size 30 tons
Weight 30 tons

A Prefab Starport is a sophisticated TL–13 Starport made to be quickly erected

Based on original designs used by the IISS, the prefab starport is currently built and marketed by Frontier Development, LIC. Available at most TL–13+ and starport A worlds, it is used by businesses, governments, and independent individuals in any situation where an easily and quickly built starport is necessary.

A prefab starport can handle up to 800 tons of ship, in any number of vehicles. It requires a crew of x3 (gunner, engineer, and manager/communications), and should be supported either by a food producing village or quarterly supply deliveries.

Prefab starports are usually found on newly colonized worlds, as outposts on other planets of a solar system, or even as pirate bases. They are naturally most often used on the frontier, and are thus unavailable in the older sectors: (Core, Solomani Rim, etc.)

Construction & Packaging[edit]

The prefab starport comes packed in various crates for easy transport aboard a starship. Once it is placed upon a planet, construction can begin, by the following steps:

  1. Find a large, flat, clear area (rock plateau, field, clearing) approximately 1km by 1km in size, and preferably located near water. Ground must be firm.
  2. Clear the area of all vegetation or obstacles (rocks and trees) with the dirt-mover and tool kits.
  3. Using the dirt-mover, dig (10cm deep) the runway and landing pad base.
  4. Fill the pad base with steel foam and smooth.
  5. Place buildings, beacon, etc.

Construction of the prefab port requires approximately 200 man-hours

Typical Contents[edit]

The prefab starport consists of the following items:

As it does not include a fuel purification plant or other such amenities, the result is usually classified among the upper end of Class E Starports.

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