Steel Foam

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Steel Foam
Type Construction Material
Tech Level TL–13
Cost Cr45
Size 1.5 liters
Weight 9.0 kg
Manufacturer SuSAG

Steel Foam is a very useful industrial product, often used in the construction industry. It was first developed by SuSAG's Industrial Chemicals Division in 670, and filled the need for a strong, fast setting construction material. It was later marketed by many other companies, but SuSAG still manufactures the highest quality foam.

Steel foam is a combination of chemicals which forms a foam when it comes in contact with oxygen. The foam then hardens quickly to form plasteel. Available in many sizes of container, it is most often sold in 9kg tanks, similar to fire extinguishers. The container holds enough chemical under pressure to form ten cubic meters of hardened foam.

Users can spray about one cubic meter of Steel foam five seconds. The foam takes another minute for it to expand and dry. When set it is very strong and resembles cement. It used by troops to quickly erect shields and bunkers by spraying it over an inflated mold. It is used on starships to temporarily seal breaches in the hull, and in many high-tech structures as emergency fire barriers.

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