Order of Sol (Imperial Order of Knighthood)

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The Order of Sol is an Imperial order of knighthood.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The subdivisions of the Order of Sol are:

  • Knight/Dame Commander of the Order of Sol (K.C.S. / D.C.S.)
  • Knight/Dame of the Order of Sol (K.S. / D.S.)
  • Companion of the Order of Sol (C.S.)

Rank and file members of the order receive the title Companion of the Order of Sol (C.S.). More distinguished members receive the title Knight of the Order of Sol (K.S.). The head of the order is the Knight Commander of the Order of Sol (K.C.S.).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

It was formerly known as the Order of Terra and was one of the most prestigious orders of the Imperium. By the time of the Solomani Rim War, no knighthoods had been issued in the Order of Terra in over a century, and the order was effectively extinct. During the early days of the Imperium, the order was actually higher in precedence than both the Order of Sylea, and the Order of Vland.

  • The subdivisions of the old Order of Terra were:
  • Knight/Dame Commander of the Order of Terra (K.C.T. / D.C.T.)
  • Knight/Dame of the Order of Terra (K.T. / D.T.)
  • Companion of the Order of Terra (C.T.)

Emperor Gavin changed the order's name in 1002, and the order's seniority was downgraded at the same time. Today the order is still recovering its former numbers and prominence.

  • The old headquarters of the order are on Exeter (2729 Diaspora), and contain the grand hall of the order. A smaller building on Muan Gwi serves as the current administrative headquarters of the order. Formal ceremonies are still held on Exeter, although the distance to the domain's current capital is an inconvenience.

Privileges Conferred[edit]

No information yet available.

Esteemed Membership[edit]

The present Knight Commander of the Order of Sol is Archduke Adair of Sol.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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