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Euxene French is a language that is used by the Solomani race of Humaniti primarily in the Euxene Subsector. It is a regional language at best.

  • It is also commonly referred to as Euxenic.
  • It is a regional language.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Euxenic is one of the recognized languages of the Solomani.

A distant descendant of Terran French, Euxene French was brought with explorers and colonists that originally came to the Euxene subsector during the diaspora. Currently, it is used as a primary business and local language on the core worlds of the Third Reformed French Confederate Republic, and somewhat more sporadically used within the Republic as a whole.


For the most part, most variations of the Euxene French dialect use structures similar to modern French, as is still used on Terra.


Morphology is the study of the internal structure of words.

  • Most variations of modern Euxene French use morphologies very similar to modern French, as is still used on Terra.


Phonology, the study of the sound systems of a language.

  • Most variations of modern Euxene French use phonologies that vary to a noticeable extent to modern French, as is still used on Terra. Linguists draw coherent comparisons to Terran Canadian French as expressed in historical presentations.


Grammar is the structure of a language.

  • Much like Terran French, and unlike Modern Anglic, Euxene French does not capitalize all nouns, but rather only proper nouns. Also, Euxenic spellings make use of diacritical markings to denote variations in pronunciation or emphasis of vowels, but these diacritical markings are not universal as in Anglic and are often omitted as part of the spelling of words.


Syntax is the study of how words combine to form grammatical sentences.

  • Phrase, clause, grammatical function, grammatical voice, etc.


Etymology: Modern Euxene French naturally includes words from various origins, notably many Anglic words. While the evolution of the language has made it noticeably different from the old Terran French, consistent efforts over the centuries have been made to retain the original basic structure and pronunciations. As a result, the current incarnation remains recognizable as a dialect of historical Terran French, and its speakers can still view and enjoy historical features largely without interpreters.


A lexicon is the word supply of a language.

  • Word, lexeme, lemma, lexicon, vocabulary, terminology, etc.


Semantics is the study of the meaning of words (lexical semantics), and how these combine to form the meanings of sentences.

  • Meaning, sense, entailment, truth condition, compositionality, etc.


Pragmatics is the study of how language is used by its speakers.

  • Presupposition, implicature, deixis

Writing System/s[edit]

Euxene French uses only one script:

  • Terran Latin-based alphanumeric alphabet with diacritical enhancement

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Historical Linguistics: The Solomani Confederation itself had several languages during the Sol diaspora, and has had little desire to force consolidation. Regardless, the peoples of the Confederation have generally settled on Anglic for official usages in tandem with dominant local languages; Euxene French is one of those local languages.

The original language of the Euxene subsector evolved during the Long Night into its present form, diverging surprising little from its source due to tenacious efforts on each separated world to retain historical accuracy.

Variant Dialects[edit]

The Solomani Confederation has had little to no interest in local dialects; however, the cultures within the Third Reformed French Republic had long had a visceral love for their historical language. Interstellar communications, holocrystals, and recordings help to retain a uniform pronunciation of historical French throughout the entire Euxene Subsector. Within the Republic, any French speaker can understand almost any other, but isolated communities on worlds with little contact with the interstellar trade lanes shift their speech patterns to form dialects. Notable examples include the Vignemale, Euxene itself, and the more isolated Carthame.

In addition, areas within the Euxene Subsector have established their own pronunciation patterns; accepted dialects include:

In addition to different formal dialects there are thousands of individual pidgin and creole languages that have developed from Euxene French, especially on the more backwater worlds that have a balkanized status.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This language is primarily in use in the following areas:


The homeworld of this language is:

World Listing[edit]

This language is known to be in use on the following systems and worlds:

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