Alasdair Morgan Gunn

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Count: Alasdair Morgan Gunn
Count of Deneb
Born 1051
Ascended 1092
Died Extent
Preceeded by TBD
Succeeded by TBD

Non-Canon NPC: The Right Honorable Lord Sir Lt General Alasdair Morgan Gunn, Ret. , 1st Count Gunn of Deneb, 1st Baron Gunn of Haliburn, Knight of Idle

  • Report current as of 141:1109 from Imperial Army personnel records and news service entries.

Description / Character[edit]

Lord Sir Alasdair is noted for his vigor and youthful appearance, the years seem to have left him untouched by the effects of aging.

  • (Game stats from play files... UPP: 88A9DD)
  • Circa 1079: Married Anya Giorgisdottir, whose father was a merchant on Idle.
    • Circa 1081: Daughter Melissa born on Idle while he was on deployment to Shudash.
    • Circa 1084: Son Andrew born on Dlan (world) (Ilelish 1021) while Alasdair was attending Intelligence School.
  • As of this report he and his wife are awaiting transport on Inar (world) (Deneb 1213) to their home on Deneb (Deneb 1925). They have a large house on a 10 Hectare estate, which was granted as a gift from the Duke. This is a part of the Duke's land, who wants Count Alasdair nearby for his counsel.
    • As a courtesy, both for rank in the Imperial nobility and as a military retirement benefit, Count and Countess Gunn have been awarded membership in the Traveller's Aid Society.
    • The Count is not noted as being very interested in politics, save for the care of the men and women who were under his command over the years. In return for assurances of support for post-service benefits for veterans, particularly former enlisted, he has assigned his proxies in the Imperial Moot to the Duke of Deneb.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

  • Born: 135-1051
  • Birthworld: Tesb/Ahrhi (Old Expanses 2403) - UWP: D77A544-7
  • Ethnicity: Solomani
  • Leaving Tesb: Alasdair was celebrating his 18th birthday by standing watch at the minimal star port near the main settlement on Tesb. A scout/courier on detached duty from Yeaph (world) (also in Ahrhi/Old Expanses (2105)) landed after refueling at the system's gas giant. The pilot (Publius Ullerius) took a liking to the lad and his dreams of serving the Empire and agreed to take him to a world (along his patrol route) where he could enlist. Alasdair's parents approved and provided 25 kg of local semiprecious stones to pay for the lad's passage. During the trip, Publius and Alasdair had long talks and it was decided he was likely best suited to be a soldier. Publius made landfall on Rannow (world) (Rusco/Old Expanses (2603)). Using a local contact, Publius sold the stones for Cr 3750 to Sir Thomas, the Knight overseeing the world's governance. He then brought Alasdair to the Navy base and saw him properly enlisted in the Army, giving the new recruit Cr 500 as a nest egg.

Patents of Nobility[edit]

Military Awards[edit]

  • Non-Valor: Combat Service Ribbon (3), Combat Command Ribbon (10), Purple Heart (7)
  • Valor  : Medal for Meritorious Conduct Under Fire (7), Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry (1), Starburst for Extreme Heroism (3)

Personage Timeline[edit]

  • Circa 1069: Enlisted in the Imperial Army, assigned to the Ground Force Command, Lift Infantry Branch.
  • Circa 1075: Made E-6 Gunnery Sergeant after spending 6 years in training assignments or garrison duty with steady promotions for exemplary performance.
  • Circa 1076: Attended OCS and received commission as O-1, 2nd lieutenant.
  • Circa 1077: Commanded a platoon during a police action on Idle (Ilelish 1330).
  • Circa 1081; Commanded a platoon during a counter insurgency on Blessed (world)/Shudash Subsector (Ilelish 2516).
    • Awarded: CCR and MCUF
  • Circa 1086: Commanded a platoon during raids on Vargr corsairs in the Reft Sector.
    • Awarded: CCR, PH, and MCUF
  • Circa: 1088 - 1089, Seconded to battalion staff and participated in raids on Vargr corsairs
  • Circa 1091 - 1092: Commanded a platoon during raids on Vargr corsairs.
    • Awarded: CCR (2), PH (2) and Starburst for Extreme Heroism (2).
    • Raised as Baron Gunn of Haliburn (Reft 2540) for achievement, no land grant as this is a Ceremonial and Honors accolade.
  • Circa 1093: While attending staff training school on Cyril (world) (Reft 2738), was promoted to O-2, 1st Lieutenant.
  • Circa 1094: Commanded a platoon during raids on Vargr corsairs.
    • Awarded: CCR and PH.
  • Circa 1095: Command Roster, 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment (Duke of Regina's Own) during raids on Vargr corsairs.
    • Roster Entry 247: Executive Officer (1st Lieutenant O-2), Gamma Company (Lift Infantry), Fourth Battalion (Lift Infantry), 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment
    • Awarded: CSR and MCUF.
  • Circa 1096: Promoted to O-3, Captain and commanded a company during a police action in Usher Subsector of Reft Sector.
    • Awarded: CSR and MCUF.
  • Circa 1097: Spent the year as a military aide at Ground Forces Command headquarters on Cyril.
  • Circa 1098 - 1099: Commanded a garrison on Lintl (world) (Reft 0503).
    • Promoted both years, to O-4, Major and then to O-5, Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Circa 1100: Promoted to O-6, Colonel. Commanded a light regiment during a counter insurgency on Reudden (world), Vestus Subsector of Reft Sector (0106).
    • Awarded: CCR and MCUF
  • Circa 1101: Promoted to O-7, Brigadier General. Commanded a Brigade during a raid on an Aslan incursion on Dinomn (world)/Lanth Subsector Spinward Marches Sector 1912). The Aslan were thought to be from a settlement in Foreven Sector.
  • Circa 1102: Spent the year as Military Attache to the Duke of Deneb.
  • Circa 1103: In a move unusual for a soldier of his age and rank, BG Gunn spent the year in commando training.
  • Circa 1104: Spent the year at the Imperial Command College on Deneb.
    • Was created Count Gunn of Deneb in the year's Honor's List, no land grant as this is a Ceremonial and Honors accolade. Has small estate, see note above.
  • Circa 1106: While in command of a garrison on Deneb, was promoted to O-8, Major General.
  • Circa 1107: Promoted to O-9, Lieutenant General. Commanded a raid on Vargr corsairs on Gzigorlloe (world) (Deneb 1601).
    • Awarded: CCR, PH and SEH #3.
  • Circa 1109: Commanded a counter insurgency operation in the Lamas Subsector of the Deneb Sector.
    • Awarded: CCR and PH
    • LG Gunn finally decided to hang up his spurs and retired after successfully completing 10 full terms of service.

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  • External Link: T5 Noble Patents List
  • External Link: COTI: Sir Alasdair Morgan Gunn by Steven P Robinson, granted Patents of Nobility within the Traveller Universe by Marc W Miller. Commission in the 4518th by virtue of Challenge Coin purchase. Other details from Steven's files on the character's "life" in the game. The character of Alasdair transformed into a Patron NPC. Form of address for title: