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Date: 1,109 Imperial
Solomani: 5,632 A.D.
Vilani: 3,928 VI
Zhodani: 3,466.1
Aslan: 7,070
K'kree: 7,712
Hiver: 1,398
Previous and Following Years
1000s 1100s
1099 1100 1101 1102 1103 1104 1105 1106 1107 1108
1110 1111 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119
1110s 1100s
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Please see TNS 1109 for more information.

1109 (Chronology) Events (Description)[edit]

Fifth Frontier War (1107 to 1110) between the Third Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate.

1109 Events (Timeline) Involving Imperial citizens or in the Third Imperium[edit]

  • The crew of the Imperial destroyer "Midu Kunivaak" is rescued after a misjump by a mysterious, unknown vessel.
  • The Military College of Mora (Spinward Marches 3124) is setup as a crash program around relocated experts from threatened worlds.
  • A coup topples the Dictator for the Duration on Thisbe (Spinward Marches 2539) after bungles cause a terraforming attempt to almost destroy the city of Giinar.
  • The Contraband Order of 1109 imposes severe restrictions on specific imports to Karin (Spinward Marches 0534).

1109 Events (Timeline) Involving the Aslan or in the Aslan Hierate[edit]

1109 Events (Timeline) Involving the Droyne or in Droyne Space[edit]

  • None

1109 Events (Timeline) Involving the Hivers or in the Hive Federation[edit]

  • None

1109 Events (Timeline) Involving the K'kree or in the Two Thousand Worlds[edit]

1109 Events (Timeline) Involving the Solomani or in the Solomani Confederation[edit]

1109 Events (Timeline) Involving the Vargr or in the Vargr Extents[edit]

  • The Grieel Fleet of the Ekhlle Ksafi (from Gvurrdon sector) is destroyed and the Uthith Fleet of the Ekhlle Ksafi forced to retreat.

1109 Events (Timeline) Involving the Zhodani or in the Zhodani Consulate[edit]

Fifth Frontier War

  • New elections to Zhodani Supreme Council positions, and the deteriorating war position, lead to a majority favoring a settlement.
  • The Tapperheten Incident: The Sword Worlds heavy cruiser "Tapperheten", raiding Imperial commerce, was chased down by three Imperial light cruisers and destroyed in the Faldor (Spinward Marches 1131) system.
  • 083-1109 Imperial forces retake Yorbund (Spinward Marches 2303) with a single platoon of Marines boarding the world's orbital habitat.
  • Both the Zhodani and Imperial commands begin rotating the better classes of ships involved with the siege of Efate (Spinward Marches 1705) to other fronts.
  • 132-1109 Duke Norris Aella Aledon of Regina seizes control of all Spinward Marches fleet assets under the authority of an Imperial Warrant, relieving Admiral Santanocheev of command. Duke Norris promotes Commodore Vrin Tildallin to Vice Admiral and gives him command of the Regina subsector fleet.
  • A Zhodani squadron makes a fast raid against Mirriam (Spinward Marches 1315), landing assault troops on its lunar naval base.
  • Imperial Guard regiments dispatched from Capital (Core 2118) to the defense of Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716), but arrive after the Zhodani thrust at Rhylanor is thrown back by the Corridor Fleet.
  • 241-1109 After several severe defeats, all Sword Worlds' incursions into Imperial territory have been stopped with the surrender of Confederation ground forces on Lanth (Spinward Marches 1719).
  • 350-1109 Saurus (Spinward Marches 1320) is retaken by Imperials, but processing the prisoners is delayed by the local’s insistence on throwing a going-away party for Oberst Junea Ostotz and her troops.
  • Despite the failure of the Riverland (Spinward Marches 1102) campaign, Colonel Bond and his SB Rangers build a reputation as reliable, even by Admiral Vadid Ligl's standards.

1109 Other Events (Timeline) Outside of the Third Imperium[edit]

  • The notorious Starport Massacre, prematurely (from the Ildrissaran Patriots' point of view) triggered a full-scale planetary uprising on Ildrissar (Reaver's Deep 2326) against the Carrillian Assembly.

1109 (Chronology) Births[edit]

  • None

1109 (Chronology) Deaths[edit]

1109 (Chronology) References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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