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Technology of The Distant Fringe: This article is a descriptor of the state of technological achievement of the Distant Fringe society.

  • Tech level is a very general term and can be split into a number of different areas: these are generally agreed to be personal weaponry, armour, heavy weaponry, energy production, computers/robotics, communications/sensors, medical, environmental, land transportation, water transportation, air transportation, and space transportation.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The typical technological level of the Distant Fringe averages at TL:7-9. The most commonly encountered advanced technology is TL-11: equipment and devices manufactured at this tech level are widely available. The highest level of advancement is considered to be TL-12, though developments in computing and electronics stand ahead of that. Space technology is relatively backward, at around TL-11. This is summarised in the two charts below:

Fringian Three Prime Technologies[edit]

The Fringian Three Prime Technologies are:

Area of Technology TL Latest Developments
Communications/Sensors TL-13 Holography (including 3V Entertainment)
Energy TL-12 Small (0.25 Kl) Fusion power plants, Fusion+
Space Transport TL-11 Thruster technology, FTL Jump-2 DeVoss Drives

Other Fringian Technologies[edit]

Other Fringian technologies include:

Area of Technology TL Latest Developments
Personal Weaponry TL-12 Gauss weaponry, PGMP-12
Armor TL-12 Combat Armor, Superdense materials, nuclear dampers, meson screens
Heavy Weaponry TL-12 Fusion Guns
Computers/Robotics TL-13 Model/7 computers, High Autonomous robots
Medical TL-12 Enhanced prosthetics, broad-spectrum antitoxins
Environmental TL-11 Gravitically supported structures
Land Transport TL-12 Gravitics
Air Transport TL-12 Gravitics
Water Transport TL-12 Gravitics

Typical Fringian Technologies[edit]

Everyday technology: these are the levels of technology most commonly encountered throughout the Distant Fringe.

The Fringian everyday Three Prime Technologies are:

Area of Technology TL Typical Developments
Communications/Sensors TL-10 Holovision (3V Entertainment)
Energy TL-9 Early prototype fusion powerplants
Space Transport TL-9 Sublight reaction drives, FTL Jump-1 DeVoss Drives

Other Fringian everyday technologies include:

Area of Technology TL Typical Developments
Personal Weaponry TL-7 Grenade Launchers
Armour TL-7 Cloth Armour, Flak Jacket
Heavy Weaponry TL-8 Plasma guns, target designated missiles
Computers/Robotics TL-11 Model/5 computers, Hand computers
Medical TL-7 Organ transplants, slow drugs
Environmental TL-9 Orbital cities, early weather control
Land Transport TL-6 ATVs, AFVs
Air Transport TL-7 Supersonic aircraft
Water Transport TL-6 Submersibles, Scuba, Amphibian Vehicles

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Human techology arrived in the Distant Fringe with the Last Armada in 2255AD: no other sophont species in the region had achieved that level of development. The most advanced NILs in the Distant Fringe – the Esaran in Halcyon Sector and the Sath in Far Home Sector – were barely TL-5 and TL-6 respectively when they were first contacted.

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