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Notes (2016)[edit]

The Five Sisters Subsector map has 0206/Andor and 0306/Candory. However, the 'list of worlds in this subsector' has Andor (world) and Andory (world) articles, both of which list the UWP as C695735-9 and gives the world location as Spinward Marches/0236.

  • BackworldTraveller (2016)

Hi BT, I just put a redirect. Thanks!

Notes (2008)[edit]

I think we've got two articles both about the same world -- Andor -- and no article for Candory.

Andor and Candory are listed as Droyne worlds but the demographics don't show any.

Andor and Candory are NOW listed as Droyne worlds.

World Listing (2007)[edit]