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The Paya Cluster is an extension of the Spinward Marches J1 main.

  • Branching off the main at Macene (SM 2612) and concluding at Wochiers (SM 2207) the cluster consists of 10 worlds at Tech Level 9 or less.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The population of the Cluster is in the billions and growing, making it a potential economic powerhouse, but the politics is as divided as it is possible to get in the Imperium, stunting its growth.

Navigation Hazards[edit]

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Naval Bases[edit]

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Subsector Politics[edit]

At the intersection of 4 Subsectors the Paya Cluster, by and large, has been an economic and technological backwater ignored by by the Dukes and Mega-Corporations.

  • With incorporation into the Duchy of Regina under the current Duke Norris, it is hoped that development of the cluster will recieve attention at the highest levels.

X-boat & News Network[edit]

The X-boat network poorly serves the cluster, with both X-boat nodes sitting in adjacent systems and leaving one major world (Wochiers) in the cluster 4 weeks away from Imperial news using locally built (TL9) ships. Imperial observers have questioned the IISS placement of the X-boat service at Dhian, a mid pop, C class starport, low tech world of little economic significance to the cluster. Most consider the placement a political concession to the Aramis Subsector Duke.

  • Several major news networks from Inthe are present on Dhian, providing a centre for Inthe Interstellar Journalists throughout the cluster. Competition to release Cluster and Imperial news first, is fierce on all worlds.

Interstellar Exports[edit]

Interstellar exports/imports within the cluster focuses on high value, low volume products. Ideally this spreads the cost of shipping across many items.

  • For example, tech 8 Ballpoints are exported in the millions from Rethe and Treece to neighbouring worlds, weighing approximately 13-15g per ballpoint. Approximately 70,000 ballpoints are carried in one ton of shipping cargo. The transport cost of 1,000Cr per ton adds 0.015Cr to the cost of each pen per parsec travelled. 15 tons of ballpoints supplies approximately 1 million ballpoints. On Yurst (TL5), population 8 million, ballpoint sales run at 1 sold per 1000 population per day, 15 tons of ballpoints lasts approximately 9 days.

Commercial Fleets[edit]

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Tukera Lines[edit]

Tukera Lines is a Megacorporation (TL15) with shipping interests across the Imperium. Focusing on the high volume passengers and shipping that are found following the X-boat route and heading for high population worlds, Tukera has established a virtual monopoly on long distance shipping. It relies on smaller, more agile, shipping companies to provide the feeder services to worlds Tukera services. On occasion it will finance a feeder service where the exsting service is poor.

  • Within the Cluster, Tukera provides weekly or bi-weekly passenger and cargo ship service, up to J4, servicing high population worlds. Tukera maintains an office within the Dhian Downport and in the cluster, uses ships like the TL15 J4 Pride of Vland-class long liner.

Routes (from the Tukera Office/Port, into the Paya Cluster)

  • Dhian to Wochiers, Rethe, Inthe and Treece.
  • Regina to Wochiers.
  • Risek to Dhian and Inthe.

Oberlindes Lines[edit]

Oberlindes Lines is based on Regina (TL12), providing shipping to much of the Regina and Aramis Subsectors and into Vargr territory. A private shipyard (TL12, 4000tn capacity, access restricted to Oberlindes employees) on Paya provides maintenance for Oberlindes ships in the Aramis Subsector. Oberlindes services most class C Starports and most high population worlds.

An Oberlindes shipping office is maintained within the Dhian Downport, competing directly with Tukera on the major routes within the cluster.

Routes, internal (most routes have weekly departures)

  • J1 Bulk Freighters. Yurst - Rethe, 1 ship. Dhian - Inthe, 2 ships
  • J2 Bulk Freighters. Wochiers - Rethe - Dhian, 6 ships. Dhian - Yurst, 2 ships. Dhian - Treece, 2 ships.
  • Small mixed traders. Inthe - Keanou - Kinorb - Macene and back. Dhian - Paya.

Routes, external (most routes have weekly departures)

Departures to Rimward of Arimis Subsector via Violante are ad-hoc. Sufficient Oberlindes shipping heads Rimward and back to Paya to ensure there is a service once or twice a month.

  • J2 Bulk Freighter. Wochiers - Roup, 3 ships. Wochiers - Enoup, 2 ships. Wochiers - Moughas, 2 ships.


Imperiallines operates a network of J1 or J2, Free/Fat and Subsidised merchant ships, visiting every world in the Cluster at least once a month, more often bi-weekly. Most ships are TL10 or above and are serviced outside the cluster. Several examples of the Paya Light Freighter (100tn TL9 J1) are used by Imperiallines to supplement their fleet on several routes.

Free Traders[edit]

Local Free Traders generally use the Paya Light Freighter for its ease of use, maintenance and profitability. Approximately 40 or so Paya Light Freighters are operating within the cluster as Free Traders. At any one time there may also be a dozen or so Free Traders using ships of a higher tech level, generally however lack of access to spares and maintenance forces them to move on after a few months.

  • Exporters on many worlds in the cluster, especially those with class E or D starports, prefer to secure a local Free Trader to ensure their exports get to market, negotiating the per ton rate down in exchange for guaranteeing a full hold.

Shipyards & Ship Servicing[edit]

Paya Shipyards is the clusters only shipyard building jump capable starships. Limited by the lack of skilled labour, the shipyard specialises in building the Paya Light Freighter.

  • Oberlindes Lines operates a private TL12 shipyard on Paya, however access is strictly limited to employees.
  • Inthe supports a small number of shipyards building non-jump capable spaceships for export, for example the Inthe Modular Cutter. Jump capable ships have been built, but the custom builds are considered expensive. Ship maintenance can be done (at TL9), with jump drive maintenance costing significantly more than usual.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Original settlement in the Cluster dates back to circa -2200 on Algine, however several major events have been detrimental to Algines development resulting in Algine today being one of the Clusters three most technologically challanged worlds.

  • Terran sub-light colony ships settled Algine again c-1000.
  • Most worlds were settled by Third Imperium colonists in the centuries following Regina's Settlement in the year 75, with Algine recieving its third settlement and culminating in Paya and Dhian being settled c310. Most worlds officially joined the Third Imperium peacefully as Regina, Arimas, Rhylanor and Lanth Subsectors were gradually accepted into Imperial Rule.
  • The Payan Cluster was first coined c850 as such by the Inthe Lecturer Gerald Doe'tralier during his interstellar travelling lecture tour on the "Interstellar Economics of Our Local Systems". His lectures thrust was to encourage open dialogue and trade between worlds, made more and more possible due to the efforts of Payan Industrialists building several custom made freighters. The pre-cursers of Paya's famous shipyards.
  • Today most governments in the Payan Cluster acknowledge the local interstellar community they are in and the joint challanges they face.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This astrographic feature is primarily located in the following areas:

World Listing: 1116[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this astrographic feature:

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From Coreward to Rimward:

        World                                               Subsector                    UWP       Notes

Acting as the door to the Paya Cluster from the J1 main is the high tech, low pop Macene. Famously sitting coreward from the Macene Starport, is a large sign

                         "Dead End

        No Service Stops for the next 10 Worlds"

Diplomatic efforts have failed to get the sign removed.

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