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Mileu 1105 is the classic time period depicted by most Classic Traveller products set in the Spinward Marches.
Fans and even authors and publishers have called it by a variety of names over the year including:

  1. Classic Period
  2. Golden Age
  3. Golden Era
  4. Mileu 1100
  5. Mileu 1116
  6. etc.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It is an age of building excitement as the Third Imperium hits its apogee, its highpoint before it leads to one of two possible outcomes:

  1. Second Civil War & Rebellion leading to the assassination of the Emperor, depicted in MegaTraveller and many other versions and publications.
  2. Imperium Eternal depicted in many GURPS Traveller products

Both Timelines later rejoin before the Galaxiad occurs.

Historical Eras[edit]

The history of the Third Imperium is generally separated by Sanctioned Imperial Chroniclers into a number of different periods:

The Progress of The Third Imperium
Eras of Imperial History Dates Imperium Remarks
The Solomani Crisis 940 - 1002 Third Imperium Golden Era
The New Millennium 1003 - 1084 Third Imperium Golden Era
The Golden Age 1085 - 1106 Third Imperium Golden Era
Fifth Frontier War 1107 - 1110 Third Imperium Golden Era
An Uncertain Future 1111 - 1115 Third Imperium Golden Era

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Most of the original Classic Traveller adventures and supplements were set during the year 1105. Many of the original periodicals dated their events and storylines within the years clustered around this year on the Imperial Calendar.

  • Mileu 990 just precedes it and sets many events culminating in this later period. Many of the current events for 1105 depends on the events from 990 such as the Solomani Rim War.

Assassination or More Third Imperium?[edit]

The assassination of the Emperor occurs in the year 1116 by most reckonings although the GURPS Traveller lien created an alternative timeline. Fans sometimes argue some of these points.

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