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A Jump Bridge is a deep space refueling point used by starships to traverse small rifts in space.

  • Such points often consist of a group of ice asteroids and fuel refining facilities.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Jump bridges are vital to interstellar trade since the slower less capable jump ships travel with much greater economy and significantly less expensive fuel use.

They are often found in the far systems of many world-systems, often in nebulae, oorts, or near collections of icy asteroids. Most include at least a basic fuel refinery, tankage, and a deep space station offering comforts and amenities. Some Terrans call them "truck stops for starships."

There was a saying on Old Terra that the "Slow boat to China is the only sure way." Jump drives can be relied upon, but misjumps still occur. However, regardless of general jump drive reliability, the greatest economies of scale (and profits) are still found with the venerable J-1 jump drive. Travellers and traders still enjoy the J-1 drive and the "slow boat to China."

Jump bridges allow J-1s to traverse longer jumps for a price. They serve much the same function for starships as canals and coaling stations do for maritime ships on low-tech oceanic worlds.

Jump Bridge Methods[edit]

Some of the most successful jump bridge methods include:

  1. Calibration Points
  2. Caravanserie
  3. Deep Space Fuel Cachess (expedient solutions to any distance)
  4. Deep Space Station waypoints (for rifts)
  5. Droptanks
  6. Far System Fuel Refineries (near nebulae or icy asteroids)
  7. Jump Tanker services
  8. Naturally occurring stars, located across a rift in strategic locations
  9. Space Fuelers (far system fuel miners)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

As soon as J-2 jump drives first appeared, enterprising minds began to see the potential for jump bridges. During the Interstellar Wars, Terrans quickly saw the military value in establishing deep space fuel caches to achieve strategic maneuver. When the Sirius Gap was first bridged, it came as a tremendous surprise to the Vilani.

Notable Jump Bridges[edit]

Some of the better known jump bridges located within Charted Space include:

Selected Jump Bridges
Name Type
Astrography Remarks
J-2 Deneb Sector Jump Bridges J-2 Deneb Sector Pretoria Subsector in Deneb Sector operates two bridges that connect the subsector capital, Pretoria (Deneb 0406) with two jump-1 mains, giving free traders and other commercial ships access to 33 worlds.
J-3 Sirius Gap Jump Bridge J-3 Solomani Rim Sector The Sirius Gap was a small but strategically important Void in the Solomani Rim Sector now bridged by the Sirius Gap Jump Bridge.
J-4 Gn'hk'r Jump Bridge J-4 Gn'hk'r Sector The J-4 Gn'hk'r Jump Bridge is a jump-4 route in Gn'hk'r Sector across a narrow part of the Lesser Rift which connects the Two Thousand Worlds with some colonies on the other side.
J-5 Trans-rift Hierate Route J-5 Great Rift The J-5 Trans-Rift Hierate Route is a J-5 to 6 route that crosses the Great Rift from trailing Verge sector to the Aslan Hierate in the Riftspan Reaches Sector.

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