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Calibration Points are deep space refueling points used to cross areas of space where there are no star systems to provide gas giant, ocean, or asteroid refueling points.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Calibration points are located in deep interstellar space, light years from the nearest significant astronomical body. At the simplest level, they consist of a natural source of hydrogen, typically a comet nucleus or other ice body, but rogue planets are rarely found and used for these purposes. These natural calibration points are discovered and exploited, not constructed.

  • The most sophisticated calibration points are manned space stations, with huge tanks of refined liquid hydrogen fuel ready for transfer into starship fuel tanks, repair facilities, hospitals, and rest and recreation facilities. These can be built entirely from scratch, from modular components or sometimes from empty fuel tanks, but it is best if they can be constructed on an existing body such as the natural calibration points above.
  • The key feature of all calibration points is that they are carefully plotted for those who use them, as interstellar space is a very large haystack in which to find a needle like a calibration point. Ships which jump into interstellar space without precise information on the location of such calibration points are doomed to eventually run out of fuel and drift forever in the cold and dark.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Calibration points are usually secret, as their use confers operational and strategic advantages that must be denied to rivals. Most calibration points carry locator beacons that remain silent until they are activated by pre-arranged coded challenge signals, to prevent them from being used by unauthorized vessels.

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