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Ishuggi Igsiirdi Tauribi. Archduke of Vland from 1073. Born 214-1042, third child of Archduke Ushari Tauribi of Vland and Lady Musush Igsiirdi .

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Archduke Ishuggi is a male Human descended from both the Igsiirdi family and the Tauribi family. Both of these are nearly pure Vilani lineages that stretch back into ancient times.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Tauribi family has held the archduchy of Vland since 76. Ishuggi spent considerable time on Capital as a young man. When his father died in 1073 he was elevated to the title of Archduke by Strephon. In 1077 he returned to Vland and only rarely visits Capital.

Archduke Ishuggi is known to be a strong supporter of Vilani tradition but also acknowledges that the Imperium is made up of many cultures that need to coexist.

Rebellion Era (Click Show to reveal)

Shortly after the assassination of Strephon, Lucan ordered the Vland fleet to muster to Core Sector to join the attack against Dulinor. Under advice from his counselors, Ishuggi refused this order citing a necessity to retain the fleet to defend against Vargr incursions in Vland and Lishun sectors. Lucan responded by accusing Ishuggi of treason. This became the final break that pushed the Domain of Vland to secede and formally establish the Ziru Sirkaa.

Because he already held a position of great power and had significant support, the three Bureaux chose Ishuggi as the new Ishimkarun, the Shadow Emperor.

1248 Era (Click Show to reveal)
The Ishimkarun was killed by a nuclear strike in 1211 during the Scouring of Vland by the Black Imperium. Due to limited sources and the general secrecy surrounding the Shadow Emperor's role, it is not clear if Ishuggi was still the Ishimkarun at that time. Given the longevity of his family line, it is plausible that he still held the position.

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