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House Tauribi is a Vilani House of Nobility known for its ancient holdings in the Domain of Vland.

  • The Tauribis of Vland are one of the oldest noble families in the Third Imperium. The family claims descent from the last Emperors of the First Imperium. This Vilani family has continuously held the Archduchy of the Domain of Vland since it was created in 76.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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House Members of Distinction[edit]

  • Laerkigar Tauribi. 1st Archduke of Vland, appointed by Artemsus in 76.
  • Anghur Tauribi. Imperial envoy to Glisten in 959. Non-canonical.
  • Ushari Tauribi. Archduke of Vland. Died in 1073 or not much later. Married Musush.
  • Musush Igsiirdi Tauribi. Dowager Archduchess of Vland. Born 1105.
  • Ganni Tauribi. 1st issue of Ushari and Musush.
  • Eneri Tauribi. 2nd issue of Ushari and Musush.
  • Ishuggi Tauribi. 3rd issue of Ushari and Musush. Archduke of Vland. Born 214-1042.

Colateral Lines[edit]

  • Hansi Tauribi Ganaare. Duke of Tamayo/Vland. Married Clarissa Delgado Garaare.

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