Driantia Sitiefladr

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The Driantia Sitiefladr is a client state of the Zhodani Consulate established in Driantia Steblenzhtia (Colonnade Province) in the Vanguard Reaches.

  • It's goal was to enable exploration and act as a buffer state to the Talpaku Communality. It was not a great success, and some claim that it is all but dead.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Small colonies were established on various worlds in the rimward part of this subsector and the coreward part of Chtedrdia (Fulani) subsector A by 687. In that year, a coup on Sitiefladr replaced the government with a harsh dictatorship, which quickly became corrupt and influenced by criminal elements. Over the centuries that followed, criminal elements increasingly gained control.

The government began directing its energies on shorter term projects and personal gain, abandoning the still heavily dependent smaller colonies in 695 to the fate. No attempt was made to rescue the inhabitants and so each colony collapsed, usually to oblivion. In 861, the economy of Friaprchivzhdo collapsed and triggered great problems in that of Sitiefladr.

The Driantia Sitiefladr, if it had ever truly existed, was dead.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

After the First Frontier War (589-604), elements of the Iadr Nsobl province wanted intelligence regarding the sectors to rimward. This led to explorations into various rimward sectors, particularly the Vanguard Reaches. In 626, a state called the Driantia Steblenzhtia (Colonnade Province) in the Vanguard Reaches was established to further these aims.

In 631, the Zhodani Consulate decided to set up another such state, further to spinward. In addition to the aims of the Driantia Steblenzhtia (Colonnade Province), this state (to be known as the Driantia Sitiefladr) would also be a buffer state to prevent expansion of the Talpaku Communality. The worlds of Sitiefladr and Friaprchivzhdo were colonized in 633, with the former to be the industrial heart and capital of the state and the latter the breadbasket. It was intended that the state would expand further into subsector M and then spinward/rimward into nearby parts of Tsadra, Shiants (Astron) and Chtedrdia (Fulani) sectors.

By the mid 600s, the Consulate had second thoughts. It was decided that the Unity would be an excellent buffer state (at least for the short term), so the Driantia Sitiefladr project was abandoned. Resources were diverted from it to the Seventh Core Expedition (then in planning stages) and the two systems were left virtually alone, to expand as best they could.

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