124th Fleet

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The 124th Fleet is a Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in Spearhead Subsector. Plans to reorganize this fleet into 2 Batrons, 3 Crurons, and a Colonial Cruron, are underway.


The subsector fleet headquarters is at DARAMM (A76AA76-E) with the following assigned forces.

Anchored at Ashmaze (Ley 0417)

Anchored at Mur Mura (Ley 0614)

Anchored at Qaarz (Ley 0414)

The subsector fleet admiral was a rare case. He was promoted from the command of a Tanker Squadron. He survived a particularly savage battle where most of his command was destroyed when his escort screening force was lured away. This is unusual for most line officers selected for fleet command come from cruiser or battleship assignments. He had a fetish obsession with refueling operations. As a result this subsector has a secret network of deep space refueling caches beyond anything else in the sector. None of his squadron commanders know all of the location coordinates. The lucrative contracts building and hauling the massive tank farms and ice asteroids out to remote spaces between systems has built an impressive market in imperial financed construction projects. He assured the inspector general that this massive covert infrastructure would prove invaluable for strategic mobility should the need arise. Since his retirement, the need never arose. Interesting fleet assets include:

(3) Warmoon Class Dreadnaughts[edit]

(8) Monstrosity class Fleet Tanker[edit]

A personal favorite of the fleet admiral, the deck of one of these beasts is where he preferred to command from. A dramatic contrast to the Warmoon, it is soft where the Dreadnought is hard.

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