Cavern of Fangs class Escort Carrier

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Cavern of Fangs class Escort Carrier
Vargr general.png
A single fleet vessel to service numerous worlds
Type: VE Escort Carrier
Agility 1
Also see Subcraft Carrier - Carrier
Architect Ronald B. Kline, Jr.
Blueprint No
Canon No. Unpublished, non-canon fan design.
Cargo 1.0 Tons
Cost MCr689.85
Crew 23
Enlisted 10
Officers 13
EOS Still in active service.
Era 1105
Hardpoints 9
Hull Dispersed Structure Hull
Illustration No
IOC Unknown
Jump J-5
Maneuver 1 G
Manufacturer Ughz Fleet Logistics
Marines 0
Model Model/8 fib
Origin Vargr Extents
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
Reference Fan: Ronald B. Kline, Jr.
Size 900 Tons
Size-cat ACS
Streamlining Unstreamlined Hull
Tech Level TL–14
USP VE-9751582-070000-50003-1
Starships are designed with the Classic Traveller format, using High Guard.

The Cavern of Fangs class Escort Carrier is a light strike carrier warship.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Cavern of Fangs Class Escort Carrier (Type VS): Using a 900-ton hull, the Vargr Strike Carrier is primarily a military and paramilitary ship used by naval units and corsair bands for diplomatic and patrol duties. It mounts Jump drive-5, Maneuver drive-1, and Power plant-5, giving performance of Jump-5 and 1G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 495.0 tons supports the power plant and allows one Jump-5. Adjacent to the bridge is a model/8 computer. Cargo capacity is 1.0 tons. The hull is unstreamlined.

Image Repository[edit]

No information yet available.

General Description & Deck Plans[edit]

No information yet available.

Basic Ship Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Navy and IISS Universal Ship Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (...of ten subcraft) carried on the ship. Tonnage on the universal ship profile is shown in kilotons (...thousands of tons) where necessary. [1]

Basic Ship Characteristics [2]
No. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage / Hull 900 tons.
2. Crew x23, pilot/commander, navigator, 10 fighter pilots, 2 gig pilots, 1 medic, 1 engineering officer, 4 engineers, 1 gunnery officer, 2 gunners crew.
3. Performance / Engineering Propulsion:
4. Main Section / Electronics Model/8 computer, space precluded the fiber optic back ups.
5. Hardpoints x9 hardpoints.
6. Armament / Weaponry The normal weapons fit-out for it is:
  • A triple missile turret firing as a single factor 3 battery, and four triple pulse laser turrets firing as a single factor 5 battery.
7. Defenses Four triple sand caster turrets firing as a single factor 7 battery.
8. Craft / Subcraft x10 10T Light Fighters, x2 20T Gigs, x3 2T Air Rafts
9. Fuel Treatment On Board Fuel Purification
10. Cost MCr689.85.
11. Construction Time 116 weeks to build, 93 weeks in quantity.
12. Remarks A single example of the class has been built so far.
  • Standard cargo capacity amounts to 1.0 tons.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In its service career thus far it excels at diplomacy and showing the flag.

Class Naming Practice/s & Peculiarities[edit]

Vessel Peculiarities: No information yet available.

Class Naming Practice/s: An effort was made to sound primitive, feral and intimidating. Opinions differ.

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Military Ship - Warship - Subcraft Carrier - Escort Carrier:

  1. Type VE class Escort Carrier
    1. Bengal class Carrier
    2. Cavern of Fangs class Escort Carrier
    3. Centaur class Mercenary Carrier
    4. Das Reich class Very Light Carrier
    5. Hyperion class Escort Carrier
    6. Nisina class Escort Carrier
    7. Ranger class Escort Carrier
    8. Sakhai class Assault Carrier

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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