Annic Nova Class Far Trader

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ANNIC NOVA on the cover of JTAS-01
Type: MLJ (Non-Standard Classified Type NS18) Far Trader
Origin Third Imperium
Tech Level 12 (Unknown, min. of TL12)
Size 600 Tons
Jump J-2 & 3 (has two j-drives)
Maneuver 0.0 / 0.1 G
Hardpoints 6
Cargo 150 Tons
Crew 5
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
Cost MCr200 approximate current market value

ANNIC NOVA is a relic from an earlier time.

  • The tech level of the vessel is not known, though a minimum of TL-12 can be guessed at due to the jump capability of one of the two jump drives.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The ANNIC NOVA starship has the following features:

  • The Annic Nova has no maneuver drive of its own, instead it uses pinnaces as tugs for limited maneuvering capability (0.1G).
  • There are two jump drives onboard: One capable of Jump-2 and the other Jump-3.
  • There is no power plant, using a Collector canopy which collects radiated stellar power and stores it in the accumulators on the drive deck.
  • This Collector canopy cannot be deployed during any maneuvering or when the vessel enters, exits or is within jumpspace.
  • Though having six hard points, there are only two turrets mounted, each with one laser.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The ANNIC NOVA was tracked down by a group of adventurers in the Keng/Regina (Spinward Marches 2405) system.

Travellers' Aid Society — Advisory Report 02-183-1105[edit]

TAS released an initial report of an unknown vessel which had been seen, at a great distance, in several star systems. The information was sketchy as follows:

Scanner Data: Mass Displacement: 500-800 tons; Jump: at least 2; Maneuver: 2G (?); Armament: unknown

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