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A Tlaukhu base is a multi-use facility used by multiple Aslan Clans, who are Tlaukhu members.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Unlike many Imperial facilties, Aslan Tlaukhu bases fulfill many rolls, that of a martial or military nature, that of a communications node, a scout base, an exploratorer's base, a waystation and much more. It is a large facility with the capability of handling the vehicles and personnel of a technological empire, which generally means the means by which to support and maintain modern starships and gravitic vehicles.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The story of the Aslan is one of rank tribalism and distinct balkanization. It is of a society that rarely comes together as a united whole, and when it does, it is usually for reasons of violent monoculturism which is to say to destroy an unacceptable divergence or diversity in Aslan culture.

  • The Tlaukhu, which at its base is an expression of "might makes right" power, has introduced less individualistic philosophical ideas into Aslan culture, and the Tlaukhu base is a prime example of this trend at increasing group harmony. It is one of the few institutions not dominated by the temporal power of Aslan Clans, where Aslan of different tribes may mingle in a friendly and non-competitive way.
  • From such bases have come many of the great explorers of Aslan fame including rift explorers, rim explorers, and diplomat-peacemakers.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Tlaukhu Bases are located throughout the Aslan Hierate.

World Listing: 1116[edit]

There are known bases of this type located in the following systems and worlds:

27 of 27 of worlds with a Tlaukhu Base
Aeahaihluil  •  Ahhyoe  •  Ahloe  •  Asulrea  •  Ausiwuaeaai  •  Ayri  •  Eaohfose  •  TBD  •  Earlyu  •  Eaweiya  •  Eoaoluu'hi'ye  •  Erasaso   •  Ftyewirl  •  Hfeauluahu  •  Hrahraiu  •  Irel  •  Khi (TR 0430)  •  Kusyu  •  Liyiwearisyu  •  Ohaualr  •  Tlaiowaha  •  Touukhaurl  •  Uao  •  Uriiyliyh  •  Weahreh  •  Yetitryuw  •  Yu’eal  •  
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