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Canon Conflict (2006)[edit]

The beyond sector (and Vanguard Reaches Sector) is the source of some canon conflict.

As Jim Kundert points out:

This map (used by Peter Gray and Gray Matter) first appeared in the DGP Alien Module for Alien - Solomani & Aslan (1991). It varies considerably from the original Paranoia Press version of the sector (1981!). So much so that only the sector's name is the same. Due to this I have not noted the original subsector names at all, since they have no relevance to this version. All border information and names of interstellar states derive from Solomani & Aslan.

So we have two versions of these two sectors: the canon produced by Paranoia Press and the map produced by DGP. Both of these products have been extended by others.

I'd love to include both sets of data, but we need a clear way of marking (using a proper category?) them. Or should we simply pick one or the other and if so, which? Tjoneslo 01:44, 17 July 2006 (UTC)

I suppose that we could mark one of them as non-canon in the lead page for the sector and put a header block into the down-pages to indicate non-canon entries. The question is which one to choose.
My thought on this to go with Paranoia Press as the canon. I base this on a brief email discussion I had with Roger Sanger. In that brief conversation I received the impression that all the DPG data will be archived for an indefinite time because of major differences in trying to get it re-released and properly authorized.
The sad part about this is that I haven't seen anything from DGP (I am waiting to leave to head back to the states, so that I can pick up the stuff I ordered from Joe Fugate in another two weeks or so). Sstefan 08:05, 17 Jul 06 (at least that's the local time here in Iraq)

Canon Conflict (2007)[edit]

There are apparently three versions of this sector. The first is the Paranoia Press version, published in 1981. This was released by Chuck Kallenbach II on the Paranoia Press website (now long gone) and incorporated into early versions of Galactic, and included in the HIWG disk.

With the publication of the Solomani & Aslan dotmap (1991), which invalidated all of both the Vanguard Reaches and Beyond sector, Chuck apparently rebuilt both sectors, adding some data and moving all the stars to match the dot maps (sort of). This version was also included on the HIWG disk as 1200 sector data.

The third version is the version included with the current version of Galactic, and published on the Zhodani Base website. As Above, this data was apparently generated by Peter Gray and the Gray Matter updates to the HIWG data.

So I'm even more confused about which version to use. Tjoneslo 06:00, 25 December 2007 (UTC)

Canon Conflict (2010)[edit]

I've almost finished doing the Rindis style maps for Foreven Sector and was about to start on both The Beyond and Vanguard Reaches and uncovered this issue

Have the maps from Paranoia Press been re-instated as canon? I know that Marc Millar declared all the Paranoia Press material non-canon after a dispute between them, and they are still listed as non-canon in the list of canon sources.

One particular issue that arises is the discontinuity between the various versions. Several of the polities along the rimward border of Foreven and Far Frontiers sector extend into these two sectors, the Paranoia Press versions do not match in the slightest.

I'd be happy to do both sets of maps, but this will add considerably to the work involved. Should we do separate pages for each, or should we do one page with multiple blocks of information for each source? Imperial Grand Survey 00:54, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

I personally suggest using whichever version we have the most recent datafiles for, but that's probably because I've been using them extensively... Allens 20:55, August 29, 2010 (UTC)
I guess that means the Zho Base/Travellermap version as it's there, available both on the web and in Galactic and meshes with the main polities in the surrounding sectors. I'll do the Paranoia Press versions as well, just not with as high a priority. Imperial Grand Survey 14:23, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

Notes (2017)[edit]

The Paranoia Press Beyond material has since been vetted through the T5SS process has been re-canonized and is "In Review". This material has referenced the 1991 updates by Chuck Kallenbach, and has been somewhat altered relative to the published Paranoia Press product due to the T5SS vetting process.

The Sunbane data is now non-canonical.