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This user prefers Classic Traveller.

I first got interested in Traveller shortly after it was first released, at the time I was living in Normal, Illinois and was playing D&D regularly. A friend showed me the little black books, and I was hooked, even more so because it was created right there in Normal. I moved home to Australia a year later and bought my little black books with me and have purchased almost everything that has been published since. For a while I had a long running campaign that covered the Spinward Marches and Trojan Reach that we ran for at least 10-12 years while at school, university and beyond.

After a very long absence I discovered the Imperial Encyclopedia on the web, saw that the game was still alive and kicking and decided it was time to re kindle my interest in all things Traveller

I have always been most interested in mapping known space and so I'll be setting out to add to the pages on sectors and subsectors. I'd welcome discussions from fellow cartographers on how we can best accomplish this.

Imperial Grand Survey 01:18, 24 March 2008 (UTC)