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About me[edit]

For my homepage, please see I am a geneticist with specific interests in human genetics (e.g., gene therapy) and bioinformatics.

Traveller stuff[edit]

I am mainly interested in 3rd-edition (revised) GURPS Traveller. I have playtesting credit (prior to my doctorate) on GURPS Traveller: Humaniti and a number of other GURPS books. I am currently working on programs (in Perl) for taking Sector files and manipulating them in various ways, including GURPS stats, more trade mapping information (split between tramp and non-tramp, for instance), etc (inspired by nroute.c - these programs do more in some respects, although I am still working on graphics, trade beyond a sector, and a few other things), helping suggest the most likely capitals and xboat routes, and revising noncanon data based on canon dotmaps to as sensible as possible. I will be posting these, or a link to them, once they are in a stable state.