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This user prefers Classic Traveller.


I'm Steve and played Traveller when it first hit the shelves (or shortly after that) when I was still in high school. I actually cut my RPG teeth on "En Garde". D&D was a passing fad for me; science fiction and Traveller dominated my late teens and early twenties.

For the last couple of years I would think back at those earlier times. I wound up finding a lot of time on my hands lately and started searching on the internet and found out that Traveller is alive and well. I started re-reading some of the books that I have and trying to get current in the "history" of the Third Imperium.

As I was searching on the internet I was shocked to learn that the Third Imperium was in a shambles as per the tail end of MegaTraveller, but that some hung onto the idea of Classic Traveller none-the-less.