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Martin Dougherty is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

  • Martin J Dougherty is a professional writer hailing from Northeast England. His works include over 100 non-fiction books in addition to novels and game materials.
  • Martin is currently President of the British Federation for Historical Swordplay (BFHS), and regularly teaches at Historical Martial Arts events. In the past he has competed to national level as a fencer, and was coach to the University of Sunderland team 1989-2008. He holds four black belts at 1st-3rd Dan and was formerly a Senior Assessor with the Self-Defence Federation.
  • Martin has has addressed international conferences on anti-shipping missiles and homeland security issues.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Martin J Dougherty has been at times a games designer, an engineer, a self-protection instructor, a teacher and a defence analyst although he has always been first and foremost a writer. His earliest published work was in 1984, progressing to full-time employment as an author in 1999.

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Non-gaming Materials[edit]


  • Martin has published a range of books covering topics as diverse as self-protection, medieval warfare and space flight. He writes on average 3-4 non-fiction books per year for mainstream publishers in the USA and UK.


  • Martin has published several novels including game-related fiction for Traveller and Armageddon 2089.


  • In addition to being the lead researcher for the TV show Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World, Martin has thus far appeared in two episodes of the show. He also worked as a consultant on the show Ultimate Soldier Challenge from Morningstar Entertainment and is involved in the development of new shows.

Gaming Materials[edit]


  • Novel commission & fiction

Imperium Games

  • Nobles book contributor

GURPS Traveller: Steve Jackson Games

  • Behind the Claw & Star Mercs

Quiklink Interactive

  • Traveller line editor. Wrote most publications, contributed to all but one.

Avenger Enterprises

  • Numerous adventures and supplements

Terra/Sol Games

  • Adventures and supplements

Mongoose Publishing

  • Numerous adventures, supplements and other products.

FarFuture Enterprises

  • Adventures, Novel Shadow of the Storm

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