Mongoose 2nd: Mercenary Forces

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Mercenary Forces
MercenaryForces 350.jpg
Referee's Briefing 4
Author Martin Dougherty
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version Mongoose 2nd
Edition 1st
Format PDF
Language English
Year Published 2016
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG, Mongoose
Also See Mercenary

Mongoose 2nd: Mercenary Forces is a Mongoose Publishing source book.

Violence can and does solve problems, if properly applied. Of course, the application of violence can result in new or additional problems, but the original issue is solved at least. Mercenaries offer a short-term solution to the question of where to obtain and how to deliver the necessary violence, and can also solve other problems by being officially deniable. Referee’s Briefing 4: Mercenary Forces is a guide to local mercenary outfits and how they operate, letting you know who is for hire, who is recruiting… or who will be storming through your own defences.


Martin Dougherty

Table of Contents[edit]

Mongoose 2nd:
Mercenary Forces
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