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It is a kind of Vehicle and Ground Vehicle

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Legged Vehicles use jointed limbs to undertake movement across a land surface. This is a complex process for mechanical control and most successful examples use computer controlled leg-management systems.

Not Legged Vehicles[edit]

Power Armour is not usually classed as a Legged Vehicle despite having many features in common.

Examples of Legged Vehicles[edit]

18 Legged Vehicle items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
AD-26 Argus Combat Vehicle Ground (Legged) 15 26.49385 tons empty, 28.04297 tons loaded 4,284,632
Auto-angel Service Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 1500-1750mm tall Cr1,000,000
Breakthrough Heavy Infantry Walker Light Tank Ground (Legged) 16 6.45 tons 257,383
Cannisia class Giant Combat Robot Armored Fighting Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 9 dtons 1.3064475 MCr.
Engineering Droid Industrial Vehicle Ground (Legged) 11 1,250-1,750mm tall Cr350,000
GSD Achilles class Combat Walker Light Tank Ground (Legged) 9 ~1.43 dton Cr751,744.5
Gladius class Combat Walker Light Tank Ground (Legged) 8 1.0 dton Cr324,097.9
Heveka Cargo Loader Mobile Crane Ground (Legged) 13 8 tons Cr628,000
Infodrone class Expert Robot Service Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 1 L 20 KCr
Kuyt class Spider Tank Main Battle Tank Ground (Legged) 11 1 dton Cr697,165.5375
Marauder class combat walker Infantry Support Armored Fighting Vehicle Ground (Legged) 12 1.0 dton Cr516,927.52
Night Stalker class Scout Walker Reconnaissance Vehicle Ground (Legged) 8 1 dton 256,385.05
Onslaught Heavy Infantry Walker Armored Fighting Vehicle Ground (Legged)/Flight (Grav) 16 21.13 tons Mcr1.05
Overrun Heavy Infantry Walker Personal Vehicle Ground (Legged) 16 18.59 tons Mcr1.05
R7 Elfenbeinturm class Heavy Combat Mecha Combat Vehicle Ground (Legged) 8 ~8.9 dtons Cr1,754,498.3
Recreational Vehicle of the Apocalypse Civilian Vehicle Ground (Legged) 9 10 tons Cr324,000
Scylla Drainage Control Robot Industrial Vehicle Ground (Legged) 15 97.62 tons Mcr6.99
Skorp Landshaper Construction Vehicle Ground (Legged) 13 5.5 tons Cr304,000

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Legged Vehicles are a separate approach to land transport from the wheel. It is unusual for this to be the primary method of locomotion for a species Land Vehicles - but if it is, it is more commonly so for aquatic Sophonts.

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