Onslaught Heavy Infantry Walker

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Tech Level TL–16
Mass 21.13 tons
Cost Mcr1.05
Mode Ground (Legged)/Flight (Grav)
Type Armored Fighting Vehicle
Speed 155kph/400kph
Cargo 0.04kl
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Armament 10.9MJ fusion cannon

The Onslaught Heavy Infantry Walker was the second heavy infantry suit to be debuted by the new Commonwealth military. Where the Breakthrough was designed primarily for traditional infantry roles, the new armor is a heavy assault unit for Marine and Hammerhead boarding units, or a cavalry and screening unit for defending small vacuum worlds, moons and planetoids. In addition to a normal bipedal walker suspension, the suit is fitted with CG lifters and a small HEPlaR unit to effect maneuver in a vacuum or upper atmospheres. These suits are usually only assigned to specialized infantry units that are trained in jump and flight operations. The chassis was later used to create the Overrun Cavalry Walker.

An intergrap 10.9 MJ Fusion Cannon is fitted into a small turret mount on the suits right shoulder, having enough clearance for 360 degree fire. In addition to this stabilized mount, two arms with hands are fitted to permit the carriage and firing of traditional infantry heavy weapons or small arms without penalty. 5 centimeters of Bonded Superdense provides sufficient armor protection against all infantry antitank rockets and antipersonnel mines, and decent protection against laser weapons on civilian spacecraft.

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