Night Stalker class Scout Walker

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Night Stalker class Scout Walker
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Tech Level TL–8
Mass 1 dton
Cost 256,385.05
Mode Ground (Legged)
Type Reconnaissance Vehicle
Speed Road 101kph/84cm; Cross Country 60kph/50 cm.
Cargo 0
Crew 1 operator
Passengers 0
Armament 2cm Auto Cannon
Manufacturer Various
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Reference TBD
Infantry Support

The Night Stalker class Scout Walker is a vehicle that is a bipedal combat walker.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Image Repository[edit]

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Combat Walker[edit]

Roving Zuugabish Tripartite Units are used on the desert sands of Shadarlu. The fuel cell is considered a blessing as the water it produces is quite valuable on this arid world.


  • A two leg suspension carriers the unit over rough terrain.
    • Size
      • Vehicle Dimensions: height: 4.3m width: 2.2 m length: 1.43 m
      • Total usable volume: 13.5 m3 Total mass loaded: 15.629 metric tons
    • Crew
      • One
    • Armor
      • Chassis all faces, 12. Target Size DMs: +2 low no high hits.
    • Movement
      • Road 101kph/84cm; Cross Country 60kph/50 cm.
      • Movement effect on fire: If moves more than half-speed accuracy reduced -4 EFP
    • Systems
      • Sealed environment with extended life support for CBR/NBC threats
      • Image enhancement and thermal image for vision blocks and night operations
      • A 5000km range radio
      • Basic ECM
      • 5 power target acquisition LADAR
      • 2 heavy robotic arms
    • Power
      • 0.9 megawatt fuel cell power plant consumes 36 liters of fuel/hour
      • fuel capacity 249.95 liters, enough for 6.9 hours. (a closed and sealed hydrogen/oxygen power system which produces pure water as waste).
      • Power to weight ratio 57; Ground Pressure 11.5 tons/m2
    • Weapons
      • 20 mm, single barreled, hyper velocity, electric action auto cannon in a fully stabilized right shoulder mount, can engage and hit 2 targets in 15 seconds. Its direct fire characteristics:
      • +1 signature
      • Fully stabilized
      • TL 8 direct fire control
      • Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
      • 1500 m +2 2500 m +1 4000 m
      • 2000 m +2 3000 m +1 4500 m w/ KEAPER ammo Rounds mass .4kg each,
      • Storage for 400 rounds enough for 20 fire phases of sustained fire.
      • Ammo available: Contact Penetration: Cost/round:
        • HE 3/-/- 2
        • HEAP 3 3
        • KEAP 22/20/18 2
        • KEAPER 20/18/16 2.2
        • Flechette 2 Pen/200m/+2 10
      • A laser carbine with a 50 shot battery is mounted in the "head" of the vehicle
        • Effective Range: Long Range Extreme Range
        • 150 m (7) 300 m (3) 1500 m (1)
      • A 4cm RAM grenade launcher with 30 HEAP grenade magazine fires over the unit's left shoulder. +2 signature
        • Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
        • 250 m (24) 500 m (24) 1000 m (24)
    • Production Cost
      • Cr.256,385.05

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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