Overrun Heavy Infantry Walker

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Tech Level TL–16
Mass 18.59 tons
Cost Mcr1.05
Mode Ground (Legged)
Type Personal Vehicle
Speed 209kph
Cargo 0.13Kl
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Armament 10.9 MJ 10 Chamber RFT-16L Rapid Pulse Fusion Cannon, 2x 13mm Gauss Rifles

The Overrun "Cavalry" Walker originally was the Onslaught Mark 2, before designers deleted the original suits maneuver drives and CG lifters to concentrate upon ground mobility. In HI Divisions, these are deployed to screen infantry and their supporting units against enemy fire, using the high speed to avoid ambushes or damage from mines and hidden explosives. They are also used as fast reaction attack units to provide fire support and rapid response for normal units under enemy fire.

An integral 10.9 MJ Fusion Cannon is fitted into a small turret mount between the shoulders overshadowing the sensor cluster, having enough clearance for 360 degree fire. In addition to this stabilized mount, the two arms are each fitted with a 13mm Gauss Rifle to provide ambidextrous fire support around corners and obstacles. 4 centimeters of enhanced Bonded Superdense provides sufficient armor protection against all infantry antitank rockets and antipersonnel mines, and decent protection against laser weapons on civilian spacecraft.

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